Success stories

Talking to our colleagues

What do you experience at EQOS? What is the work environment like in our various units? And what exactly is the most fun? We regularly talk to our colleagues about their everyday work and their experience at EQOS so far.

Erfolgsstory Matthias

Came to EQOS via a detour

Matthias feels very connected to EQOS. He worked as a fitter for the predecessor company of EQOS and joined Technik Centrum Thale (TCT) in 2014 as a radio relay fitter. Things came full circle in 2021 when TCT became part of the EQOS Group through an acquisition.

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Erfolgsstory Daniel

Climbed the career ladder

Project manager Daniel has had a stellar career at EQOS, taking on his first major project. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his colleagues.

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Erfolgsstory Olaf

Returning to EQOS

Site Manager Olaf likes the good personal interactions at EQOS. One year with a different company showed him how important this “We” feeling really is to him.

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EQOS success story

Growing together as a team

Viola is convinced: As long as you approach change with openness and curiosity, it will always offer new opportunities. This has also become apparent during the merger of Bilfinger FRB and EQOS Energie.

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