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With fascination at work

Interview with Derya, Project Manager in the Overhead Line Construction business unit

Derya is fascinated by energy infrastructure. Even as a working student in overhead line construction, she was convinced by her work at EQOS. As a project manager, she also appreciates the opportunities for further development and the support of her colleagues.

How did you come to EQOS?

After leaving school, I first trained as a draughtswoman and worked in that profession for two years. However, I quickly realised that I wanted to learn more. Since I have always been fascinated by technological developments and construction projects, I decided to study energy engineering at Biberach University of Applied Sciences.
While there, I became aware of EQOS through the existing lecture hall sponsorship, and I also had some of my lectures in the EQOS Energie lecture hall. I then applied to EQOS for my university internship in my fifth semester and was given the opportunity to stay on as a working student. That was in March 2022.

Why did you decide to be a working student at EQOS?

I enjoyed working in this team right from the start and I find working at EQOS challenging and fulfilling. I was particularly motivated by the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge from my studies straight into practice and contribute to ensuring a dependable energy supply. In addition, our projects also help to modernise the infrastructure for the energy transformation. That makes me proud.

What is your current job at EQOS?

I recently finished my studies and started as a project manager in the Overhead Line Construction business unit at EQOS. I’m currently still learning the ropes and support my colleagues in their projects. As a result, I’m learning a lot about the project business and am gradually taking on more and more responsibility. Right now, I am working hard on a major energy transformation project to reinforce the grid in south-west Germany. My focus is on line planning and I am well on the way to managing my own projects soon. The experience I have already gained as a working student at EQOS is an invaluable foundation in this respect.

What characterises EQOS as an employer for you?

As a working student, I really appreciated the proximity between the university and my workplace. On the other hand, I always had a lot of flexibility in terms of time at EQOS. This made it easier for me to manage both my studies and work well in my everyday life. This flexibility also continues in my full-time position, be it through flexible working hours or the opportunity to work from home.

In addition, the great teamwork is essential for me. I learn so much from the experience and expertise of my colleagues. They are always open to questions and encourage me to take on new tasks. In my new position as project manager, I also appreciate the encouragement and trust my colleagues and my supervisor have in me and my abilities.

„Shaping energy – with innovation and team spirit.“

What do you particularly like about your job?

Even when I was a child, I was keenly interested in technology and large construction projects. Being responsible for a project and coordinating it – from planning to the final result – is a lot of fun for me. Seeing at the end how the project has developed gives me a sense of accomplishment. The complexity of the projects challenges all my technical skills and constantly offers new learning opportunities for personal development.

What I find particularly appealing is the opportunity to not only be at the forefront of technological progress in the area of energy supply but also to be shaping energy through my work at EQOS – with innovation and team spirit.

What are your hopes for the future?

For the future, I hope to continue working on complex projects and developing innovative solutions for the challenges of the energy transformation. I would like to continue to expand my knowledge and make a decisive contribution to shaping a sustainable energy future.

What do you do in your free time?

Horseback riding is a great passion of mine outside of work. Spending time with horses and in nature is a great way to unwind from work. I also enjoy playing tennis.