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Team communication and Sovereignty make good processes even stronger

Interview with Rouven, Head of department for Automation in the Energy Technology BU

“There is strength in tranquility,” says Rouven. With the many large and small projects he manages in the field of power plant technology, a good overview is worth its weight in gold. Rouven has what is known as hands-on mentality. He manages several projects in parallel with his team, keeps an eye on timings and makes decisions. He radiates optimism and is convinced that anything is possible. For this, he counts on good team cohesion.

What is your function at EQOS and what are your tasks?

I’ve been with EQOS since May 2020. Until recently, I worked as a project manager for automation. I took over responsibility for this department in April 2024. Now my core tasks include personnel management and development, hiring new employees, contributing to budget and forecast preparation, and project control.

What is your background?

I studied information technology and electrical engineering in Hamburg. Before I came to EQOS, I was mainly employed in automation technology and worked in commissioning. At EQOS, I initially worked as a commissioning engineer and was deployed throughout Europe. I took on my first projects in 2021.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

My job is very diverse. One of my main tasks is holistic customer management. Close contact with our customers is an essential part of this. I try to be on site at the construction sites as often as possible. With our customers, we deal with the issues such as shaping the energy transition or maintaining and modernising district heating power plants and energy generation facilities.

In the field of substations, we create and supply solutions for protection and control technology. I am responsible for the overall costing of project enquiries. I conduct contract negotiations and take care of order processing and personnel planning. I also conduct handover meetings with the corresponding project managers. I am also responsible for compliance with and implementation of the HSEQ guidelines.

Every project is different. What exactly is involved depends on the size and complexity. I manage projects that last a few weeks, but sometimes they are long-term projects that go on for two years.

What skills do you need to do your job well?

My motto is: There is strength in tranquility. Resilience is important in my job. You often have to juggle multiple balls and maintain an overview at the same time. A lot is thrown at me: Some days, time seems to run out everywhere. Then it is very important to be very organised.

Reliability is another key to success. Maintaining good communication and utilising the strengths of the team are part of this. The ability to listen well should also not be underestimated. Listening to employees and motivating them is key.

I also benefit from radiating calmness when working with customers. Being solution-oriented is another factor for success. Good social skills and the ability to deal with conflicts smartly are also part of it.

What characterises EQOS as an employer?

EQOS is a very modern and fair employer. The work atmosphere is very good. Many colleagues also meet up on their own time. I think that just speaks for itself. There is great cohesion. People are enormously helpful to each other. It’s always about give and take. ‘We’ll manage somehow.’ I often think that in situations where things get really hectic. And I’m proud when we manage it again.

EQOS is versatile. For applicants, I would like to emphasise the good prospects in a promising industry. A lot of time and effort has been and is still being invested, which includes ensuring that trainees learn well. They are not left to their own devices. The same applies to the existing employees. There are very good training programmes for raising awareness and for prevention, for example. The programmes are individually tailored to the employees. Each individual’s potential for development takes centre stage. A good feedback culture is essential for this.

‘Despite digitisation, we need skilled workers who work well. AI is on the rise, but it is the various people that make a successful company.’

EQOS has an open mindset and good ideas are always welcome. Furthermore, the work here remains interesting due to the various projects and deployment options.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When it comes to sport, I’m a handball fan. I also love to travel. My favourite thing to do is go on city trips. But my favourite city will always be Hamburg.