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Our responsibility

We make grids, networks and lines fit for a more sustainable future.

EQOS specialises in the expansion and modernisation of infrastructure in energy, telecommunications and railway traffic. Every day, we ensure that the technology which connects people with each other works reliably, while always keeping an eye on supplying future generations.
We are convinced that sustainable actions are also key for our successful corporate governance in the long term. In order to meet not only legal requirements but also the high expectations of our stakeholders, we assume both social and ecological responsibility for our business activities. To this end, we closely collaborate with our business partners in order to incorporate more sustainable solutions into our commissions at an early date.

61 Prozent_Taxonomiekonformität_DE

For the first time in fiscal year 2022, the EQOS Group voluntarily determined to what extent our actions are aligned with the criteria of the EU taxonomy. This shows at a single glance how sustainably we operate: 61 percent of our turnover is attributable to sustainable activities. Our high-performance culture is a hallmark of our company’s success. As a result, we are proud to now be one of the leading infrastructure service providers in the area of taxonomy. In our day-to-day work, we are making an important contribution on the road to climate neutrality.

We are aware of our responsibility to our employees, customers, society and the environment. We therefore attach the utmost importance to health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) and are continuously evolving our HSEQ management system. Responsible and sustainable action, the active involvement of all employees and an open dialogue are the basic prerequisites for joint success.
Trust in us as a company is just as important. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of living and sustainably improving the topic of compliance within the EQOS Group. Integrity, honesty, law-abiding conduct, and respect for our fellow human beings and the environment form the basis of our entrepreneurial behaviour.

“As a green enabler, we strive for continuous improvement together with and for our clients and seek efficient solutions for society and the environment. We are committed to ensuring that a modern way of life and climate protection are compatible.
We have also been working on sustainability internally for some time now. For example, we are working on successively recording and digitising all key performance indicators in our company so that we can continuously develop targeted measures.”

Against the background of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), which recently came into force in Germany, EQOS is also publishing its policy statement on compliance with due diligence obligations here. From 1 January 2024, the law will regulate corporate responsibility for respecting human rights and protecting the environment in global supply chains.

Procedure in the event of violations

Do you have specific information about risks or violations affecting EQOS?

Our value management is aimed at cultivating a culture based on values. A culture that helps to strengthen the personal responsibility of its organisation members so that it goes beyond the formal observance of laws and regulations. This also includes the joint prevention and combating of risks or harmful behaviour.

Help us to pursuing wrongdoing. Our Corporate Compliance team offers you a modern whistle blower and communication system. Use our online mailbox to help solve suspicious cases without revealing your identity.

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