Images and information about EQOS

Specifically for media representatives, we have compiled interesting information about EQOS. Apart from images, this section contains current facts and figures about the company.

EQOS overhead line

Overhead line 1

EQOS Energie employees renew 110 kV overhead lines.

EQOS overhead line

Overhead line 2

A fitter of EQOS Energie maintains and renews overhead lines in the heights.

EQOS pole work

Communication technology pole work 1

EQOS Energie employees perform pole maintenance with the help of a mobile ladder.

EQOS pole work

Communication technology pole work 2

EQOS Energie telco experts perform pole maintenance jobs.

EQOS safety gear

Communications technology occupational safety

EQOS Energie attaches great importance to occupational safety. Our fitters secure themselves with special safety gear.

Key company figures

The EQOS Group is one of the leading providers in the field of complex technical infrastructures. The company specialises in services in the in the industries of energy, telecommunications and traffic. They contribute their expertise along the entire value chain – from engineering and fitting to maintenance.