What we offer

What we offer

During their work, our employees are limited by neither national borders nor business divisions. As a result, our staff and customers benefit equally from individually accessible resources and great international know-how. The team, their equitable interactions, and an open corporate culture characterised by respect, appreciation and equal opportunities represent our special focus.

In this respect, individual freedom of design and decision-making are as important to us as individual responsibility. Beyond formal compliance with statutes and regulations, our employees act in the interest of the customer and the company. Our code of conduct follows international standards and is strictly observed by each of our colleagues. This code was derived from ethical requirements, effective laws and internal policies and is anchored in our compliancemanagement system.

Our employees exude a special team spirit that goes far beyond the work environment. This is particularly true of those colleagues who are deployed hundreds of kilometres away from their families and have much more in common than just their work. During the week they spend a large part of their free time together and are like a small family within the large family of EQOS. In some cases, there are actually several generations of “real” family members working for us.

Entry, commitment and career developmentHealth protection and occupational safetyOccupational safety

EQOS Entry

Entry, commitment and career development


It is important to us to make our new co-workers’ entry into the work environment as simple as possible. For this purpose, we have initiated a monthly introductory programme for employees. Within just a short period of time, this programme provides our staff with important information in condensed format, such as operating rules, IT programmes or topics concerning occupational safety and health. In addition, all newcomers can build their own internal cross-divisional network consisting of both long-standing and new EQOS Energie employees during the training seminars. This makes the starting phase and later cooperation during projects much easier.

As part of our corporate culture – and to make it as easy as possible for all new employees to get acclimatised and to learn the ropes – both supervisors and direct co-workers give their best.


Our employees have one thing in common: their commitment. This is shown in overhead line projects during which masts are erected and cables are installed under the most difficult conditions, during the development of new patents for railway technology, during complicated assemblies in power stations or while fitting buildings with repeater systems. Every day, our colleagues grow beyond themselves. Their commitment often extends beyond their direct area of responsibilities and they actively help to shape their work environment. As a responsible employer, we make sure to keep a “give and take” balance. On the one hand, we expect great dedication in order to achieve optimal solutions; on the other hand, we appreciate this strong commitment and invest in an attractive work environment.

To our employees, we offer:

  • Flexible work times
  • Career and promotion opportunities
  • Fair wages and salaries
  • Access to our cutting-edge machinery
  • Career development

We view continuous learning as the foundation of our corporate success. This includes the willingness to get excited about new things and to grow one’s own personality and capabilities. It is the only way in this increasingly complex work environment we can succeed in rendering services for our customers that will be appreciated in the long term. Lifelong learning is a foregone conclusion for us. As a result, we offer a broad range of additional training opportunities to all of our employees. Our development programmes span across all capabilities needed by our employees: from individual courses to specialised academies and development programmes.

Would you also like to develop yourself further? Then take the first step and send us your application!

EQOS health and work safety

Health protection and occupational safety

Protecting the health of our employees and their work safety is our top priority. We comply with the highest standards defined in the HSEQ(Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) and anchored in an integrated management system. Our prevention follows a holistic approach that includes measures for technical safety and occupational medicine as well as health protection.

Within the company, we design the work environment for our employees in such a manner as to maintain and promote their well-being. For this purpose, EQOS Energie implemented various measures regarding physical and mental health in the workplace. This way, we are creating a framework for healthy work while at the same time motivating each individual employee to greater health awareness.

EQOS work safety

Occupational safety

We want the people who work for us to get home safely. This has the highest priority for us and we work on it every day. We reduce the number of accidents by systematically minimising unsafe conditions and actions. Our vision is clear: “Zero accidents”. When it comes to occupational safety, we commit to establishing clear rules and to being uncompromising in our compliance with legal regulations. We implement behaviour-oriented prevention measures to sensitise employees on workplace risks and hazards in order to enhance their risk and health knowledge. This ultimately enables them to evaluate and modify their actions. Employees have both the right and duty to avoid any unnecessary risks in order not to jeopardise their own health or that of their co-workers.

As a responsible employer, we far exceed our legal obligations. We investigate continuously and conscientiously where we can minimise potential hazards. For this purpose, we employ specialists for occupational safety, company physicians and safety officers.

Among others, we pursue the following objectives:

  • Continuous reduction of the number of accidents with downtime, the so-called lost time injury frequencies (LTIFs)
  • Increased execution of construction site inspections, also by the management
  • Internal campaigns for sensitising the employees to occupational safety issues
  • Implementation of a concept for alternative workplaces
  • Standardisation of safety and rescue concepts
  • Documentation of mental stress in the workplace, derivation and implementation of preventive measures
  • Introduction and further development of the instructional toolbox

Who we are

Our motivated teams shape the success of the company – based on their commitment, their creativity and their many years of experience. Get to know us and become part of a greater whole!

Who we are looking for

We are always looking for committed, motivated and enthusiastic employees. During the hottest summer or the stormiest weather, you always keep a cool head and deliver spot-on solutions.


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