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Interview with Christian (37), Head of Quality Management in the Overhead Line Construction business unit

EQOS stands for Excellent Quality Of Services. Outstanding quality is more than just part of our name, it is the DNA of our corporate culture and guides our everyday measures and actions. Within the Overhead Line Construction business unit, Christian pulls the strings in terms of quality management and is responsible for claim management, among other things.

What exactly are your responsibilities at EQOS?

I am in charge of claim management within the Overhead Line Construction business unit. The projects we are involved in are getting more and more complex. As a result, I am supporting my colleagues within our business unit in examining whether all of our contracting partners are meeting their responsibilities and whether all of the services we perform are actually within the scope of our commissions. In particular, this involves the management of additional demands, i.e. the compensation of additional expenses caused e.g. by additional lines or changes in the scope of services. And, above all, quality first: quality management close to the customers, i.e. within the BU, to maintain the highest standards.

My experience over the last few years has shown that it is very important for me to be on site, so I know the construction sites and the people on site and am in constant contact with them. That’s why I travel all over Germany a lot.

Please describe your career at EQOS.

Since 2014, I have been working as project manager in overhead line construction, first in a predecessor company and since 2018 at EQOS. Since then, I have gained a lot of experience, and one and a half years ago I took over this new function with a constantly growing range of tasks.

I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Giessen-Friedberg, now the Technical University of Central Hesse, and graduated in 2011. What’s interesting is that I wrote my diploma thesis on a subject in overhead line construction. Although I initially worked in another job for a few years, I found my way back to overhead line construction in 2014. My basic technical understanding is very helpful for my work, even though I am now mainly concerned with commercial issues. Complex project management with several parties involved is something that suits me. Reconciling figures and data. The topic of documentation. Those are my strengths.

I am tireless when it comes to improving projects and steering them in the right direction. I always stay on the ball, talk to people on site and provide support in finding pragmatic solutions.

I am proud to take on this important task and to be part of many different project teams. When I’m out and about talking to colleagues, I’m fascinated by the high standards they have for their work. That is consistent in the entire unit and it is what characterises us. In this context, it is my job to support my colleagues in difficult and unusual tasks, such as identifying, placing and negotiating follow-up orders, so they can concentrate on our core business.

What other things are important to you?

I believe in time management and self-management. Over the last few years, I have gained a lot of experience about what’s feasible and what’s not. We all benefit from solid interactions. This also includes knowing exactly who does what. For me, that’s also part of quality. Involving the right colleagues at the right time, so everything runs smoothly. Improving interfaces. I bring different experts together at the site. I know most of my colleagues personally, have worked with them and am aware of their skills and expertise. I have a good sense of which “cogs” need to be adjusted.

In summary, it’s all about good timing, precision and a lot of detailed knowledge. Knowing what is the most important task at the moment, by when it needs to be done, so everything can run smoothly.

What else is part of working for EQOS?

By all means the good interactions, the support from colleagues and the dependability. Along the way, I have always had colleagues, supervisors and the management, who had my back.

And also the fact that careers are supported; with personal commitment, interest and the will to develop and advance, you can achieve a lot at EQOS. For example, some of our project managers started their careers as fitters and have gone on to become project managers.

“You can achieve a lot at EQOS when you are committed.”

As I said before, I also like my job because it is so diverse. I travel a lot and am not limited to just one region. I like learning something new every day: from my colleagues on site, their different personalities, their great motivation. That we are all pulling in the same direction.

What’s more, the industry is exciting and growing enormously. The order situation is excellent. The increasing expansion of supply networks and new exciting projects in this context will keep it that way. I am proud to work in the Overhead Line Construction BU, as is a good third of the workforce in the EQOS Group.

Last question: What do you do to relax? What are your hobbies?

I relax when I read a good book. And I like good food. I like to go out to eat, also with my colleagues. I enjoy the exchange of ideas, even after work hours. There is a different quality to it when you sit across from each other.