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The team spirit at EQOS is one of a kind

Interview with Joanna (53), Head of Project Procurement in the Overhead Line Construction business unit

Joanna feels supported by the good interactions at EQOS. She is convinced that team spirit and an open corporate culture are important factors for success. Tolerance, honesty and professionalism are the essential framework for her everyday actions.

What is your function at EQOS?

I have been working for EQOS since September 2019 and started as a project buyer. I will never forget the first months in my new job. I had a position with great responsibilities from the outset. At the time, I was given the opportunity to accompany the integration of the Bilfinger subsidiary in purchasing. That was an exciting start, and it has never gotten boring ever since. I can assure you of that.

I was also promoted to head of project procurement in the Overhead Line Construction business unit in July of this year. I am very proud of that. The core of my work is to support the project managers through the efficient procurement of materials and third-party services. In doing so, legal, ethical, social and environmental principles must be observed. Safety has the highest priority in the construction industry. The following question always takes center stage in my work: How do I procure sustainably and securely? That is the be-all and end-all. Among other things, it covers topics such as commensurate remuneration, environmentally friendly measures and the avoidance of high-risk aspects.

What did you do before you came to EQOS?

Originally, I am from Gdansk. However, I have been living in Germany for a very long time. I have a diploma in business management. Numbers and economic contexts have always interested me a lot. I was certain pretty early on that procurement would be my field. Before EQOS, one of the jobs I had was buyer in an international environment – for primary and secondary raw materials. After that, I was self-employed for a short time. However, I quickly noticed that I was missing the exchange with my coworkers. In September 2019, I made a conscious decision to join EQOS and never regretted it. I feel very comfortable here.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

That is very diverse, which is why I don’t like to call it “everyday work.” My daily business is characterized by many small components. We cooperate with a lot of small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, there are many coordination tasks. I am on a lot of phone calls and video conferences. However, sometimes it is important to be on site. Many conversations are easier face-to-face.

As I said before, it is one of my key responsibilities within the Overhead Line Construction BU to make the procurement of materials and third-party services efficient and secure. Moreover, there are processes that need to be optimized.

I talk to various downstream companies, e.g., about temporary road construction or complex foundation work. It is key to examine multiple parameters and to minimize risks. And, of course, time is a key factor. In all tasks, communication with the people involved is very important.

Every single person counts. And that is not just lip service.

What do you especially like about your job?

No two projects are alike. Every day, I face this challenge. I particularly like that I can grow with EQOS. That I can actively help shape the path of development of EQOS. That my expertise is more highly valued. Then it’s very important to me that teamwork is very significant. I deal with a lot of colleagues on a daily basis. We pull together. The work atmosphere is very pleasant. The team spirit here is one of a kind. Everybody participates and is part of stemming these great challenges. We all benefit from this open culture. Our supervisors have an open ear for everything and everyone.

EQOS is a modern and open company. Furthermore, EQOS is a safe employer. The expansion of energy infrastructure will keep us busy for at least the next 20 to 30 years. Despite digitisation, people will not be replaced. For me, security is vey important. I therefore benefit from the fact that I work in an industry with a secure future. Here is what is also special about this place: If you are committed, you can achieve anything. This applies to everyone who is prepared to master common challenges.

I also like the fact that I have a lot of responsibility for projects. That I can help shape processes and that my good understanding of numbers and my creativity are in demand.

Do you have a motto?

Not directly. For me, it is essential to live my values. These include tolerance, honesty and professionalism. These three values are the basis of my daily actions. I can always rely on these three pillars.

What do you do in your spare time?

In the evening, I enjoy picking up a good book. It’s a great way for me to relax. I’m also a very social person. That’s why I like to get together with friends on the weekend. I do like to travel. The further away, the better. I am a fan of the USA: I like the amazing nature. And the fairly young and eventful history of North America.

What do you wish for the future?

In my private life, health comes first. Also a peaceful environment for my family. Professionally, I hope I can continue to work on exciting projects and make important things happen with great people.