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There is a solution for everything

Interview with Jaqueline (27), project manager and project buyer in the Energy Technology BU

Jaqueline is convinced that lifelong learning is the key to success. She is enthusiastic about the open atmosphere at EQOS and about the fact that she learns something new every day. What is also important to her is the close contact with the customers she serves as a project manager.

What is your function at EQOS?

I have a dual function, because I work as a project manager and project buyer at the same time. In our BU, we do systems construction for substations. I am currently managing five projects in the areas of wind power substations and cable transition systems. The projects run anywhere from twelve weeks to three years.

My dual function makes a lot of sense. In project management, I use my distinct technical knowledge every day. This is also required for technical procurement. The right materials must arrive on time and be priced appropriately. If we need them quickly, I speak to the suppliers directly.

Apart from the technical aspects, procurement is a fun job. I like the diversity and the combination of technical and commercial aspects. Furthermore, I am glad that I have a lot of flexibility in how I do my job. Before I got into procurement, I received internal training for this function. As a result, I grew into it quickly.

What does your day-to-day business look like?

The be-all and end-all in the project business is to always maintain an overview. No day is like another and I enjoy that a lot. For example, it’s about coordinating the number of fitters at the construction site. Flexibility is important. And then there’s the close coordination with customers. A lot can be done over the phone. When it’s important to keep a written record, I communicate via email. Sometimes there are technical challenges to be solved, at other times it’s about a lot of little details. Communication is very important. Every fortnight we have construction meetings on site. These contacts are crucial for the success of the project. It makes a big difference when you can look at a plan together, for example, and compare it with reality. A lot of things can be done online, but I think it’s elementary to be on site regularly.

How long have you been working at EQOS?

For about two years now. I started as a project technician in June 2021. In June 2022, I assumed the dual function and also became project buyer. Previously I studied electrical engineering in Leipzig. This was a dual curriculum including training as an electronics technician in industrial engineering. Today, I benefit greatly from the practical relevance of my training. As you can imagine, there were very few women in this curriculum – only about ten percent.

“For me, EQOS is about learning new things, an open culture and a lot of decision-making freedom”

How is the team spirit at EQOS?

Very good. Despite the acquisitions of the past few years, we are still like one big family, a great community. At our Dresden site, we regularly have lunch together, celebrate birthdays and get together after work every now and then.

And at the professional level, I have learned a lot from my colleagues. The older colleagues in particular have a wealth of experience and an enormous amount of detailed knowledge. I can ask them anything. That was a very big advantage during my onboarding. I benefit from it every day and am happy to pass on my knowledge.

The fact that good interactions are maintained also characterises EQOS as an employer. I am very inquisitive. Lifelong learning is very important to me. Otherwise you wouldn’t get anywhere. This culture is lived here. For me, EQOS is about learning new things, an open culture and a lot of decision-making freedom. This leads to good performance and fun at work. I also like the great degree of flexibility. For example, if I arrange for it, I can work in my home office. I like to make use of that option on the days after I’ve been at a construction site.

Furthermore, EQOS is one of the employers that provide greater job security. The expansion of energy infrastructure will keep us busy for at least the next 20 to 30 years. Despite digitisation, people will not be replaced and good people are always needed.

At EQOS, careers are fostered and we are happy to welcome fresh talent. As a woman working in technology, I was welcomed with open arms. Of course, I also have to prove myself, demonstrate my expertise and be solution-oriented. But then that is exactly my cup of tea.

What do you wish for the future?

That the team spirit remains just as it is now, even if we will continue to grow. I would also like to see fewer hurdles in the expansion of energy infrastructure. For example, I would wish that the authorities issue building permits on time.

Do you have a personal motto?

Yes, I do: There is a solution for everything. When I talk to customers, I often say, “Come to us, we can do it.” The customers are often positively surprised, especially when they realise that these are not empty promises. Because we really care. With know-how and passion.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to go hiking. I also enjoy going places with friends.