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International Women’s Day 2024

The power of diversity

To mark International Women's Day today, we would like to introduce six women in management positions at EQOS. They are fundamental trailblazers in their departments and know how to lead, plan, act and coordinate with heart, mind and vigour.

In the modern working world, the presence of women in management positions is a key factor for the success and diversity of companies. For this year’s International Women’s Day, we would like to gain insights into the work areas and mindsets of our female managers. They not only take on responsibility, but also find the incentive every day to live a balanced, positive leadership culture and maintain a good work-life balance. Commitment, perseverance and the ability to combine family and career are key components of their success.

We asked Silvia, Anna, Karla, Laure, Heike and Marion why they enjoy taking on responsibility as managers and what motivates them to give their all every day:


Our female colleagues about their work

"The fascinating, hidden technical masterpieces that the project business at EQOS entails with its constant ups and downs and our great team, which I am very proud of, is what has always inspired me over the years. I always tell new employees that I never got bored at EQOS, which is what makes my work exciting and interesting to this day. And it looks like it will stay that way in the future."

Silvia - Head of SSU Group IT

"In my position as Head of Accounting, I experience professional challenges on a daily basis that encourage me to deepen my knowledge and continuously learn new things. This constant growth not only gives me the opportunity to expand my skills, but also contributes to my personal development. In my day-to-day work, I not only manage figures, but also optimise accounting processes to make them more efficient and effective.

It motivates me to work with my team to achieve our goals effectively and contribute to the company's success. As a mother of two children, I appreciate the work-life balance at EQOS, which allows me to actively participate in the development of our dynamic company."

Anna - Head of Accounting at EQOS Kommunikation

"In general, I was brought up to take responsibility. As the eldest of three siblings, I was always the role model, the big one who took care of things. I also like to move things forward, be successful and see things grow, so I have to take on responsibility. At EQOS in particular, that's easy for me because I'm not restricted in my role. 'That's not possible. We've always done it this way. A woman can't do that'. - I haven't yet encountered these common beliefs at EQOS.

Apart from the trust placed in me by managers and employees at EQOS, I am also motivated by my great team and the fact that I can make a difference at EQOS!"

Karla - Team Leader Recruiting, Onboarding and Retention at SSU Group HR

"Taking on responsibility at EQOS fully contributes to my professional development and at the same time harmonises with my duties as a mother at home. I enjoy the variety of my work and the active involvement in the company's processes.

What drives me to give my best every day is above all to contribute to the success of the company. I am personally very motivated by successfully realising projects."

Laure - Head of Service Juridique at RU Luxembourg

"Even as a young manager, the tasks that appealed to me the most were those where I could take on responsibility and grow. So I joined EQOS in 2015 to support the transformation - a truly challenging task that demanded more from me than I initially thought, despite my many years of experience.

Looking back now, it makes me immensely proud of what we have achieved as a team at EQOS. The road was rocky, but the effort was worth it and today we are among the best in the industry. I encourage my younger colleagues to work particularly hard on issues that are close to their hearts, even if success is a long time coming and sometimes tough perseverance is required.

Ultimately, the shared joy of success is an incredible motivational boost."

Heike - Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication

„For me, being Head of Human Resources at EQOS means dealing with a large number of varied tasks on a daily basis, the results of which are worthwhile. Through our actions, we move the company and its employees forward. This spurs me on again and again to give my best and go further, both alone and as part of a team.

Holding a responsible and leading position does not mean having to give up family life. It's about finding and maintaining a balance, and EQOS offers me a working environment in which this is possible.“

Marion - Head of Service Ressources Humaines at RU Luxembourg

Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all our female colleagues at EQOS. Their passion for their work, their tireless efforts and their ability to overcome obstacles are inspiring and encouraging for their teams and colleagues. We are proud to have you in our ranks and look forward to continuing our success together. Our appreciation and respect are not just for today, on International Women’s Day 2024, but all year round.

On International Women’s Day 2023, we were also able to introduce some strong women in our company: In this article, get to know Rachel, Carolin, Ines, Anna and Jaqueline, who have been proving themselves very successfully in typically male professions since their training and show that “Technology can be so feminine!”.

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