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New overhead line installation vehicle for Railway Technology division of EQOS Energie

15. June 2023
  • The vehicle combines maximum performance with the highest safety standards
  • Used for installations, maintenance and servicing of catenary line systems
  • Modern machinery ensures quality leadership in climate-friendly expansion of energy-related railway infrastructure

The Railway Technology division of EQOS Energie is investing in its machinery and acquiring a state-of-the-art overhead line installation vehicle (OMF). It will be used for the new construction, conversion and dismantling of catenary systems as well as for the maintenance of existing systems.
The OMF 110T vehicle from renowned manufacturer Hilton Kommunal will be used in local rail traffic and features a very compact design in combination with an insulated telescopic platform. One of the highlights: Even when it rains, work can be carried out under voltage at 1,000 volts alternating current or 1,500 volts direct current.

Climate protection on rails

“The vehicle incorporates the latest multifunctional technology. It combines maximum performance levels with the highest safety standards and will play an important role in the climate-friendly expansion of the energy-related rail infrastructure. With a machine park that is geared to the most advanced level of development in the industry, EQOS Energie will be able to continue to guarantee its customers the highest quality standards during project implementation,” said Carsten Kuhle, Managing Director Railway Technology at EQOS Energie.

The new OMF is specially designed for the tight curve radii in local traffic and, due to its design as a two-way vehicle, can operate both on tracks and on the plenum, as the natural ground surface is known in track construction. Other special features of the vehicle include a brake system for gradients of up to nine percent, a removable container unit and an adjustable track width of 1,000 to 1,435 millimetres.

From June 2023, the new overhead line installation vehicle will be used in Germany as well as in Belgium, where EQOS Energie has meanwhile advanced to become the leading provider in the railway infrastructure sector.


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