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5G standard for large events: EQOS Communications business unit installs mobile masts for fast mobile telecommunications network

24. May 2023
  • Festivals and motorsports events to be equipped with high-performance network capacities on behalf of Vodafone
  • EQOS Communications deploys proprietary system for temporary network solutions
  • Vodafone mobile network provides possible internet speeds of up to one Gbit/s

Following the pandemic-related cuts, the event business has gained momentum again. In 2023, summer music festivals as well as motorsports events can take place again without any restrictions. As a result, the EQOS Communications business unit has joined forces with Vodafone again to provide event participants in Berlin and the eastern German states with a stable and fast mobile telecommunications network. For the first time ever, each event will be equipped with the high-performance 5G standard. This will provide a data performance of up to one gigabit per second.

Eric Mendel, CEO of EQOS: “The EQOS Communications business unit has more than 30 years of pioneering expertise in mobile telecommunications and the corresponding knowledge of network structures. Customers can depend on our quality leadership, which is based on the diverse skills of our excellently trained employees, among other factors. This results in long-term partnerships, e.g. with Vodafone. In the roll-out business, we have been successfully working with the company for many years.”

Targeted reinforcement of networks

In times when digital formats are naturally expected to be published in real time on social media channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook, visitors expect a quick upload of photos, videos and stories without long loading times. To make this work, the EQOS Communications team installs mobile base stations for the Vodafone network at these major events. This way, its capacities are selectively reinforced in a targeted manner in order to be able to process the massive short-term increase in the amount of data transmitted.

EQOS Communications has a proprietary system for temporary network solutions, which is transported from a central warehouse near Dresden to the deployment sites. These are mobile lattice or tubular masts with a height of up to 35 metres. “We provide the events with up to four stations – the exact number depends on the expected number of visitors and the size of the site, because it is possible that campsites that are spatially separated from the stage area have to be supplied separately,” René Ihl, managing director of EQOS Communications, explained. In this context, detailed and intensive coordination with the organisers is very important, Ihl added. Detailed knowledge of the respective local conditions is necessary, so that the mobile masts are precisely placed in such a manner as to guarantee optimal network coverage. This is ensured by the perfect interaction of radio planning, site management and the well-coordinated EQOS installation teams.

New colleagues are welcome

EQOS Communications, which continues to grow, also uses its presence at the events to draw attention to career opportunities for fitters in the business unit. For this purpose, specially designed festival banners will be placed prominently on site. The theme is: “Apply now with the best.”


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