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EQOS Energie remodels substation in Villingen

4. May 2023
  • Modernisation and upgrading of secondary technology needed
  • Tight time window for the work is a special challenge
  • Commission volume of about EUR 6 million

Limited time corridors and challenging conditions on the ground – these are the keywords surrounding a current project of EQOS Energie in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Substations/HV Germany South profit center is implementing the remodelling or expansion of the Villingen substation for TransnetBW. TransnetBW operates the transmission grid of the federal state; its maximum-voltage lines extend over a distance of about 3,100 kilometres. The contract volume is worth about EUR 6 million.

The background of this project is the modernisation and upgrades of the secondary technology at the substation, for which, among other things, the construction of a new operating building is required. In addition, which is particularly relevant for Baden-Württemberg as an industrial location, the Villingen plant will be upgraded in such a way as to safeguard the electricity supply in the future.

EQOS Energie joins forces

For this purpose, EQOS Energie is constructing a new building and a new auxiliary power supply, consisting of three compact stations and an emergency generator. A separate emergency generator provided will be integrated for the redundant auxiliary power supply. In addition, the protection and control technology of the 380-kV transformer field will be renewed, a new 30-kV switchgear will be built and the supplied 30-kV compensation reactor will be constructed, which will increase the transmission capacity of the overhead line. This is so-called reactive power compensation, i.e. the reduction of reactive power in a power grid. It leads to a reduction in the current load on the line, which keeps the line capacity free for the actual purpose of active power transmission. Uwe Trampnau, Managing Director in charge at EQOS Energie: “Internally, our Pfungstadt colleagues are closely cooperating with their Hamburg colleagues, who will supply and also programme the protection and control technology as well as the auxiliary power. For the customer, this is an advantage of our very well positioned energy technology.”

Focus on time management and special foundation procedures

Markus Klein, head of the profit center: “In Villingen, we are facing two special challenges. Our team operates in tight time slots. The transformer of the substation can only be switched off during the summer holidays, because the power needs of industrial operations must be taken into account. This means that the switching of the substation can only be done during a narrow time window.” As a result, the work timing must be optimised. In addition, due to challenging soil conditions and the proximity to bodies of water, special foundation methods will be used for the construction work below ground level. Because of our competent and experienced team, this commission, too, will be completed with the highest quality standards and to our full satisfaction.”

The project will start this summer and should be completed by the end of the summer holidays in 2024.


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