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Network infrastructure expansion in Rhineland-Palatinate: EQOS Energie helps shape the energy transformation

18. April 2023
  • Participation in the new construction of the 110-/380-kV line between Metternich and Niederstedem
  • Project is part of the German federal requirement plan for the expansion of transmission networks
  • Voltage level increase enables transport of larger quantities of renewably generated electricity

As part of the German energy transformation, the existing 220-kV line in Rhineland-Palatinate between the Metternich district of the city of Koblenz and Niederstedem will be raised to the 380 kV voltage level over a stretch of about 105 kilometres. EQOS Energie will take care of the new construction of the line in four segments over a stretch of 14 kilometres in the area of Wittlich up to the Wengerohr substation. The project scope also includes dismantling of the existing 220-kV maximum-voltage line (building reference number 2409) over a route length of 14 kilometres as well as the dismantling of the 110-kV overhead lines of Westnetz over a length of about five kilometres. Completion of this section is planned over the course of 2025.

Increased capacities for transporting wind power from the Eifel region

“We are proud that EQOS Energie can actively help to shape the energy transformation in Germany based on its proven expertise in overhead line construction”, said Peter Hochberger, head of the Germany South-West profit center at EQOS Energie, which is in charge of this project. “The fact that this project is part of the German federal requirement plan is one of the factors that underscores its importance. Projects listed in this plan are characterized by outstanding public interest. They serve to expand transmission networks to integrate electricity from renewable energy sources and ensure secure grid operation,” Hochberger added.

The new construction of the line in Rhineland-Palatinate on behalf of transmission network operator Amprion is primarily for the purpose of transporting renewable energy generated by regional wind and solar facilities. At the same time, this project improves the connection to Luxembourg and France. This is relevant, since the energy transformation not only results in longer distances for connecting the generation sites of “green energy” with consumers. The volume of cross-border electricity flows will also continue to increase in the future.

Deployment of up to 64 fitters

The replacement construction between Metternich and Niederstedem will enable increased transmission of renewably generated power to the region. Raising the voltage level will considerably increase the line’s transmission performance. Thomas Reichel, head of the Overhead Line Construction business unit at EQOS Energie: “During the new construction, our team will face particular challenges. In order to maintain the power supply, several temporary structures will have to be constructed parallel to the existing line. For the upcoming cable installation work, deployment of up to 64 fitters at peak times is planned.”

As a leading service provider for infrastructure expansion in the energy sector, the company will ensure that electricity continues to reach the population reliably despite increased demands in terms of the energy transformation. EQOS Energie can build on its particular strengths in engineering, highly qualified installation teams and its distinctive proximity to customers.

Photo: Amprion GmbH


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