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Came to EQOS via a detour

Interview with Matthias (36), radio relay coordinator with the Communications Technology BU

Matthias is a relay radio coordinator in the Communications Technology business unit. He used to work for the predecessor company Alpine Energie and joined TCT in 2014 as a radio relay fitter. Due to his desire to work close to home, he moved to the warehouse for a while where he took over the position of radio relay coordinator in 2020. Today, he coordinates the fitters and subcontractors in the radio relay sector. That’s how he came full circle.

What is your current job at EQOS and how did you get involved?

These days, I work in radio relay systems and am responsible for coordinating our own employees as well as those of subcontractors. There’s a lot to do. EQOS has more than 15,000 installed radio relay links. There is a great need for coordination in terms of human resources planning: for new construction, installation and commissioning of radio links.

I used to work for Alpine Energie, first as a fitter and later as a senior fitter. At times, I worked in the office with a focus on defect remediation. 2016 was an important personal turning point for me: the construction of my own home. It was incredibly important for me to be on site. It would not have been possibly otherwise at that time. I was glad I was given the chance to work at the warehouse. The fact that I was able to advance to radio relay coordinator in 2020 is partly thanks to my co-workers who actively supported me.

My background knowledge from working as a fitter plays a big role. I can say that I learned everything from the ground up. Furthermore, I have benefitted from some training seminars and from my good technical comprehension. Furthermore, I have benefitted from some training seminars and from my good technical comprehension. My experience helps me to maintain an overview at all times.

What do you like about your job?

The task involves a lot of responsibility. I am part of the 5G expansion.ons Technology business unit. My job is very complex but not always plannable. It is important to hold all the reins at all times and to make pragmatic decisions quickly. Communication is the be-all and end-all. On the one hand, because it is essential that I communicate with many people as a coordinator, and on the other hand, because I work in the Communications Technology business unit.

Specifically, it is about assigning construction sites to our own employees and those of our subcontractors. Larger projects have to be well prepared and construction sites have to be accounted for. Coordination and organisation are things I enjoy. I manage all work from the office.

When I look back on my career so far, all I can say is that everything went the way I wanted it to. In retrospect, I wouldn´t have done anything differently. I have gained fundamental experience in other companies, which I am happy to bring to EQOS. I am appreciated for that fact. And appreciation is very important to me.

“EQOS is larger but still focuses on the human element.”

What makes EQOS stand out as an employer?

The doors are open everywhere. We deal with each other honestly. I like that. I used to work in smaller companies. Sure, it was family-like there. EQOS is larger, but the focus is still on people. I am impressed by the growth. And I like the opportunities that are offered to me. For example, the training seminars that are offered. Nobody is left behind here. And everything is always up to date. For example, timesheets were eliminated. A lot of things have been digitised recently.

What is the working atmosphere like?

The cohesion is very good. We have good interactions. From time to time, we also meet in our free time. For example, for a Christmas dinner or a barbecue in the summer. For me, that’s a good sign that we are all pulling together, even outside of working hours.

Why would you recommend (prospective) fitters to apply to EQOS?

The work area is diverse. It is ideal for anyone who likes to work with the latest technology. If you are interested in a job as a fitter, you will be introduced step by step and do a kind of internship with us in the profit center for about two weeks. There you can get to know all the different areas: Mobile communications, documentation, accounting, coordination, etc. Then you will be off to the construction site.

Many things that are common in other companies are handled differently at EQOS. For example, work starts on Monday. Fitters do not have to arrive with their own car on Sunday. In addition, the employees benefit from comprehensive pension benefits, which is something I really appreciate. Last but not least, EQOS stands for expansion and security.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am an active member of a shooting club. Handling the sports equipment always requires the utmost concentration, and this is where I can put my work-related thoughts aside. The village where I live is very close to my heart. I feel extremely connected to my homeland, which is a tradition in my family. I am also on the local council of Weddersleben (a district of Thale, Saxony-Anhalt). It is very important to me to have a say in what will happen to our small town in the future and to show the world that it is always worthwhile to pay us a visit.

What is your motto in life?

No matter how, as long as it works (he grins)! Let me explain that. There are always multiple possible paths. Sometimes in life you have to take a detour. The important thing is that you reach your goal. This principle has resonated with me and also characterises my career at EQOS. I got here via a detour, but I am very happy with where I am now. For the future, I hope that this motto will continue to accompany me on every path I am yet to experience.