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Climbed the career ladder

Interview with Daniel (32), project manager with the Energy Technology BU

Daniel climbed the career ladder at EQOS. In October 2020, he started as a site manager and was quickly promoted to project manager. Now he is responsible for a major project. He is convinced that all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the hands-on support of his colleagues. He is convinced that all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the hands-on support of his colleagues.

When and why did you change to EQOS?

I have been on board since October 2020. Previously, I worked for a different company for 14 years. I started as a site manager, briefly worked in Central Costing and then quickly changed to project management.

EQOS appealed to me, because I saw opportunities for myself there. A new challenge. A new challenge. EQOS is well-known in the industry and has a good reputation. Of course, I did extensive research but also listened to my intuition and took the plunge. What can I say? Everything they promised during the interview came true. Well, even more. My expectations were actually exceeded!

Your have had a stellar career. How did that come about?

Yes, that’s true. My development has been and still is very fast-paced. I am now 32 years old. I don’t like stagnation. I love to organise, am highly motivated and believe in pragmatic solutions. That’s what sets me apart. What also advanced me is that I received a lot of support on my way to becoming a project manager. My onboarding was top-notch. I was able to ask about anything. What I can really count on is the constant support from both colleagues and management. This has been and still is very useful. Now I am handling a major project and am very proud of that fact.

“If you stop getting better, you stop being good.”

What do you like about your job?

My job is very diverse. A good project manager must be flexible, patient, always on his or her toes and keep it together. It is important to always be up to date with the latest information. I regularly coordinate with colleagues, the team of fitters, customers, and suppliers. This exciting task is appealing to me. Of course, there are also fixed processes. Mondays, for example, are my office days. Once a week, we have a regular department meeting. There are regular construction meetings. And then there are things you cannot plan for. You have to “juggle” a lot. I like that.

Another benefit is the great interactions we have here. We really understand each other. This means that we also plan the one or other leisure activity together. For example, we go skiing in winter or grill together in the summer.

Why would you recommend to applicants to apply to EQOS for a position as project manager?

As I said before, EQOS offers perfect career opportunities. A secure job. Project management has a future. There is lots to do and to manage. EQOS plans in the long term and is very well positioned.

My superiors have supported my advancement a lot and I am very grateful for that. The onboarding process is very good. There are well-versed colleagues who provide support wherever they can. There are top-notch training seminars. For example, in the field of occupational safety but also in special subject areas such as electrical engineering. Our company attaches great importance to this.

The cohesion among each other is great and this makes a real difference. Another benefit: I can demonstrate my technical and commercial skills every single day. It never gets boring. I am in the office, on the road and at the construction site. Of course, this requires flexibility. I must keep track of things at all times. This requires a hands-on mentality, solid self-confidence, good people skills and great communication skills. Of course, the prerequisite is professional qualification. Then all doors are open to you here at EQOS. I have never regretted my switch to EQOS.

In summary: Those who want to make a lasting difference, those who are qualified for project management, and independent of gender – at EQOS you are in very good hands.

And now you are handling a major project. How did this happen?

Yes, this project is a big deal for me, and I am very much looking forward to it. I was involved from the beginning and am in close contact with the customer. This is an important stage in my career. For the next three or four years, I will focus on this large project. The past two years in particular have qualified me perfectly for this. Nevertheless, it’s a huge responsibility. I am grateful that they put so much trust in me. My colleagues also provide me with optimal support during the preparation stage. For example, they ask me if they can take something off my hands. I know how important this large project is and am really looking forward to the start.

Recently, a colleague tapped me on the shoulder and said: “Wow, did you climb the corporate ladder or what?” That always makes me smile, because I am an avid climber … in my private life as well.