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EQOS Energie remodels Gießen Nord substation for Avacon Netz GmbH

24. May 2022
  • Avacon Netz GmbH commissions EQOS Energie with complete renewal of 110-kV switchgear
  • Avacon Netz GmbH commissions EQOS Energie with complete renewal of 110-kV switchgear
  • Complex replacement construction project during regular operations

Due to its central location in Germany, the Gießen Nord substation in Hesse is an important distribution node in the power grid. After the modernisation of the system’s 380-kV maximum voltage network part, an age-related complete renewal of the 110-kV switchgear is now also required. Avacon Netz GmbH has commissioned EQOS Energie Deutschland GmbH with the dismantling of the aging technology and the construction of a high-performance grid node for the feed from the maximum-voltage grid. This affects Avacon’s coupler units, line bays and cable cubicles as well as the transformer control panels of three adjacent network operators. The project volume is about EUR 30 million.

“Avacon is constantly concerned with adjusting the network to the latest technical developments. With the complete renewal of the 110-kV switchgear, we are investing in tomorrow’s energy today and creating ‘grids for new energy,’” said Daniel Bednarek, project manager in charge at Avacon Netz GmbH.

“The implementation of current technology and the new construction of a triple busbar increases the performance and transmission capability of the grid and therefore supply certainty,” said Wladimir Haak, head of the profit center Substations/HS Germany East in the Energy Technology division at EQOS Energie.

Stable power supply despite volatile general conditions

As Germany strives to phase out fossil fuels and nuclear power, the share of renewable energies such as solar and wind power will steadily increase. “In order to be able to transport the large amounts of wind energy from the wind farms in the North Sea to the south of the country, substations such as Gießen Nord need to be upgraded,” said Uwe Trampnau, managing director in charge of the project at EQOS Energie. Of particular importance here are system stabilisation measures, which must ensure that the highly fluctuating wind power volumes are balanced in order to maintain a dependable, disruption-free power supply. “Ukraine’s emergency connection to the European power grid in February may also lead to severe voltage fluctuations due to sudden failures of Ukrainian power plants that have to be balanced,” Trampnau added.

The facility, which is currently divided by the Bundesstrasse 429 road, will be completely rebuilt as part of three basic construction lots. In the area of the old, existing part of the 110-kV plant section, the successive replacement construction of this busbar section is to be performed with the help of various temporary solutions while operations must be maintained. “This represents a special challenge,” Haak said. He spoke of a complex replacement construction project with a high coordination effort with the other trades and network operators. “The temporary solutions have to planned elaborately, and creativity and flexibility as well as sensitivity for the interests of all parties involved are required.” EQOS Energie will be on site with up to 10 employees at any time. Trampnau: “Our team is looking forward to completing the challenging and diverse task and to being able to make a significant contribution to building a dependable network infrastructure for a future with a secure power supply in Germany.”

Photo Source: Avacon


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