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Climbing masts up to 200 metres high in wind and weather

Interview with site manager Werner about his work in overhead line construction

Every day Werner lifts off the ground to do his work, feeling right at home at a height of roughly 60 metres. In 1994, he started working as a fitter for Alpine Energie. Promoted to site manager in 2014, he has worked on hundreds of construction sites over the past 23 years. He has seen a lot during this time but was only seldom able to simply enjoy the view:

Werner, you are currently deployed in Hamburg, far away from home. How is life at the construction site?

Honestly, it’s quite action-packed. And, yes, sometimes I miss the mountains, but I have to admit working in the lowlands is much nicer. When I am on the road, my week always has a similar structure. On Mondays, I travel to the site from home and then take care of assignments and instructions for the fitters. I stay at the construction site until the evening. My week continues in the same manner until the weekend. Then, on Friday, my co-workers and I travel home again.

That sounds pretty stressful…

It is, but it also has its advantages. The work is diverse and you get around a lot. It’s very exciting for me to see new things all the time and the challenges at the various construction sites are also quite varied.

Diverse sounds good. What are the prerequisites for your job?

You mustn’t suffer from vertigo and shouldn’t get homesick easily. We are on the road a lot and not just locally. Therefore, anybody who would like to work as a fitter should be willing to tolerate long drives.

We have a great work atmosphere here and that makes the cooperation very nice.

Looking back, would you make the same decision again today to work for EQOS Energie?

Definitely! We have a great work atmosphere here and that makes the cooperation very nice. As far as the equipment is concerned, we only have the best – from tools to vehicles. What I like in particular is that we still have a lot of decision-making leeway regarding our work but also our tools. We all know each other and have our home base within a 100-kilometre radius. But what I like best are the German construction sites where we handle the workload jointly with our colleagues.