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Tauernmoos power plant: EQOS Energie develops green electricity for ÖBB

2. November 2022
  • Start of planning for EQOS Energie’s work on the largest power plant project of the Austrian Federal Railways at the highest altitude
  • Construction in high alpine terrain as a special challenge
  • EQOS Energie impresses with expertise in medium voltage and power plant technology

Mobility in Europe will be completely realigned in the next few years. Every kilometre travelled by rail will contribute to achieving the climate protection objectives. This railway advantage is due in part to the use of 100 percent green electricity from sustainable sources for ÖBB’s train operations.

In order to further increase the share of self-produced green electricity, ÖBB is building a new pumped-storage power plant in Salzburg’s Stubachtal valley with a planned nominal capacity of 170 MW. Uwe Trampnau, Managing Director at EQOS Energie, describes the special feature: “With the help of the Tauernmoos power plant, electricity can be generated and energy can be saved – by pumping water from the Tauernmoossee lake into the Weißsee lake, which is located 220 metres higher. Discharged in times of high power demand, it drives the turbines once again, making it even easier to cover power peaks in the traction power grid.”

Construction in high alpine terrain as a special challenge

The EQOS Energie Substations Austria profit center is building parts of the power plant equipment for the new plant on behalf of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. Markus Mairhofer, head of the profit center, outlined the impressive dimensions of the project: “We work in high alpine terrain up to an altitude of 2,250 metres. In addition, it is a cavern power plant, so the mechanical and electrical equipment is largely underground. The dimensions are enormous, with the cavern reaching about the height of a twelve-storey house.”

EQOS Energie plays to its strengths in power plant technology

EQOS Energie is responsible for the supply of the company’s own energy needs. In detail, the commission includes the installation of 5- and 10-kV medium-voltage switchgear and transformers as well as extensive cabling work. The construction of a 400-volt self-supply system is accompanied by the installation of a secured direct current supply (220 volts) and an uninterruptible alternating current supply (230/400 volts). The EQOS Energie team coordinates large parts of the electrical engineering and provides detailed documentation of the entire power supply for the company’s own needs.

The implementation of this work takes place step by step. The EQOS Energie experts already started with the planning process in October.


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