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Supply certainty: EQOS Energie remodels TenneT’s Landesbergen substation

11. October 2022
  • Existing 220-kV system in Lower Saxony will be upgraded to state-of-the art technology
  • Comprehensive renewal work during ongoing operations
  • Supply certainty with sustainable energy guaranteed

Efficient and dependable power grids are one of the prerequisites for a successful energy transformation. In the future, Germany will rely on renewable energy generation from wind and hydropower as well as photovoltaics. EQOS Energie, one of the top addresses when it comes to expertise in complex energy infrastructures, is making another contribution to a climate-neutral energy future with the renewal of the 220-kV Landesbergen substation.

The EUR 9 million project in Lower Saxony, which started in August 2022, will be executed by the Substations/HV Germany East profit center on behalf of TenneT, the largest transmission system operator in Germany with 42 million end consumers.

Fundamental renewal

Wladimir Haak, head of the profit center in charge at EQOS Energie, provides an overview of the comprehensive requirements his team is facing: “Due to the age of the switchgear, which dates back to the 1960s, we are carrying out a complete replacement of the substation’s 200/60-kV switchgear. This includes a complete primary and secondary technical renewal of all plant components as well as a new operating building, control cells and plant lines.”

The secondary technology in the nearby power plant building must remain operational at all times throughout the project. “We therefore pay particular attention to the organisation and coordination of the individual working steps,” said Uwe Trampnau, managing director in charge at EQOS Energie. “To a particular extent, this applies e.g. to the construction of the secondary technical provisional facilities as well as to dismantling.” Therefore, in addition to the installers assigned to the site, the project is accompanied by two project managers, a secondary planner and a primary planner.

Six construction phases by the end of 2027

Currently, the EQOS Energie experts are conducting primary planning and are clarifying basic technical issues. One of our colleagues is already coordinating on site and supporting the construction company with regard to possible electrotechnical hazards. All in all, the project is divided into six construction phases, with completion expected at the end of 2027. Up to seven bays are dismantled per construction phase, after which new steel is installed. This is followed by the installation and the connection to the other bays or the provisional facilities that become necessary.

The Landesbergen substation will correspond to the current state of the art after the fundamental reconstruction. Reliability and performance of the plant will be ensured. In combination with modern high-voltage overhead lines, it will safeguard supply certainty for customers with sustainable energy in the future.


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