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EQOS Energie strengthens supply certainty in Wiesbaden with substation modernisation

9. March 2023
  • Bierstadt substation is being remodeled during ongoing operations
  • Remodeling will provide higher network capacity and efficiency increase
  • EQOS Energie convinced the client with a broad service spectrum and turnkey solutions

One project of EQOS Energie in Wiesbaden is about to start construction. It involves the expansion of the Bierstadt substation, which will be conducted by EQOS Energie’s Substations/HV profit center Germany South based in Pfungstadt on behalf of Stadtwerke Wiesbaden Netz GmbH. The project background is the development of modern energy services and the associated interlinking of ecology, economy and technology. The goal is to further increase supply certainty for end consumers in the state capital of Hesse.

Mastering the energy transformation

Uwe Trampnau, Managing Director for the Energy Technology division at EQOS Energie: “Expanding network capacity while helps meet the demands of the energy transformation. After all, the increasingly necessary expansion of renewable energies can only succeed with a correspondingly accelerated network expansion.”

About 25,000 households are supplied from Bierstadt, but the structure of the existing plant with two transformer block connections no longer meets the challenge of guaranteeing a stable supply in the face of an increasing electricity demand. It will therefore be upgraded to a new network node by means of a new gas-insulated switchgear in the interest of supply certainty. EQOS Energie’s delivery scope includes the extremely complex reconstruction and upgrading of the exterior system and the connection of the new transformers and two 110-kV overhead line systems to the gas-insulated switchgear, which is new as well. For its execution, further measures such as the rehabilitation of two 100-kV transformer stations, the upgrading of two 100-kV E-coil connections and the construction of two new line portals with corresponding 110-kV cable installations are being implemented. At the medium-voltage level, the EQOS Energie team will rebuild the earth fault compensation with earth fault coils and earthing transformer. For this purpose, drip basins and an enclosure will be constructed. The cramped conditions at the facility, combined with the need to implement a detailed remodeling or process concept ─ only individual parts of the system can be enabled one at a times ─ pose a particular challenge during the work.

EQOS Energie convinced the customer with a comprehensive service offering

Markus Klein, head of EQOS Energie’s Substations/HV profit center Germany South, which got started only three years ago: “With a volume of more than EUR 2 million, the contract awarded by Stadtwerke Wiesbaden Netz GmbH is a core component of our strategy. As a result, we are systematically expanding our energy supply business and establishing ourselves as an efficient, reliable partner to municipal utilities and distribution network operators in Germany’s metropolitan areas. We are grateful for the great vote of confidence from the customer – especially since this is an initial project.”

EQOS Energie is able to cover the entire range of services in the energy technology sector – from concept development and detailed engineering to commissioning and handover. “Our turnkey solutions, including primary and secondary planning, convinced the customer,” Klein said.

Currently, the Bierstadt project is in the final planning stage. The preparations for fitting and construction have already begun, and work at the construction site will start shortly. Completion of the project is expected at the end of the first quarter 2024.


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