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EQOS Energie receives SCL certification for Overhead Lines and Energy Technology business units

10. April 2019

Company distinguished for high occupational safety standards in Germany and Austria

EQOS Energie invests in the occupational safety of its employees. As a result, the service provider for complex network infrastructure has just received the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) certification (Level 3) for the Overhead Lines and Energy Technology business units. The SCL certification is awarded to companies that provide particularly great safety in the workplace at all levels of the organisational culture. This makes EQOS Energie’s SCL certification very special in two respects: On the one hand, two business units – Overhead Lines and Energy Technology – were audited and certified simultaneously. On the other hand, the audit was not just done in one core market (as is customary in most cases) but in two: Germany and Austria.

A goal of zero accidents at work

The SCL concept complements occupational safety standards and the legally mandated requirements. In contrast to the latter, SCL does not rate minimum standards but the degree of safety with which the staff execute their work processes. “The safety and heath of our employees is always our top priority,” said Eric Mendel, CEO and President of the Executive Management of EQOS Energie. “It is our goal to completely avoid any accidents at work. Based on the SCL concept, employees learn to recognize potential hazards, to eliminate them and to correctly communicate them to the required departments. This automatically results in fewer accidents at work and more efficient project processes.”

Comprehensive preparation and testing procedures

DEKRA, a leading expert organisation and auditing company served as external auditor. Overall, EQOS Energie underwent a one-year preparation phase for the SCL certification, which is awarded by the Dutch standardisation institute NEN. For this purpose, the Health Safety Environment Quality (HSEQ) core team and the international leadership organisation jointly defined all the necessary measures for improving occupational safety. Apart from initial self-evaluations, several workshops were held jointly with site and project managers as well as fitters. The results are standardised processes and communications procedures for hazard identification and procedural policies that apply to all employees. Ultimately, EQOS Energie successfully passed several external audits of construction sites in the Overhead Lines and Energy Technology business units as well as at the Biberach headquarters.

Safety awareness as a quality feature

The SCL certification consists of five levels, which make the staff’s awareness of occupational safety and the associated behavior within the company measurable. It is the objective of the SCL to raise the employees’ awareness of and individual responsibility for hazardous situations and to train the staff in terms of efficient and controlled hazard communication at all corporate levels, thereby significantly reducing unsafe situations and incidents. Employees can apply the SCL core concept anytime and in any company. As a result, SCL is a particularly practice-oriented and flexible safety concept. At the same time, SCL can be tailored individually to the requirements in question, depending on the project and corporate sector. Furthermore, it provides a framework for the safe work of all parties involved – including customers, partners, suppliers and employees.


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