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“The zero must stand” – Kick-off for a new occupational safety campaign at EQOS Energie

28. April 2019

New campaign puts focus on greater employee awareness in terms of safety and health in the workplace

he World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April 2019 simultaneously serves as the start of the new campaign for occupational safety at EQOS Energie. With the slogan “The zero must stand”, the campaign sensitises people for the topic of safe work practices at construction sites as well as offices. “The zero must stand” means: zero work accidents, zero job-related illnesses, zero risk.

EQOS Energie invests in the protection of health and in safe work practices. As a result, the infrastructure service provider goes far beyond the legal requirements. Experts in occupational safety, company physicians and safety officers are constantly concerned with minimizing hazard potential. Furthermore, the company has just received the Level 3 Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) certification for two business units and two countries in parallel. This certification represents particularly great safety in the workplace at all levels of the organisational culture.

Employees spend a lot of time in the workplace and only healthy individuals can perform well. When it comes to occupational safety, EQOS Energie is unwavering in its objective of “zero accidents”. The campaign, which is slated to run until the end of the year, will use posters, booklets, join-in activities and other measures to specially sensitize people on this topic. In doing so, the company primarily relies on prevention through education and information.

Appreciative interactions to avoid accidents at work

Appreciative interactions and a positive attitude on the part of the employees towards their work can help prevent accidents at work, accident fatalities and job-related illnesses. When employees act responsibly and with awareness, when they are mindful of each other, practice fair interactions and truly join forces, the goal of zero can be achieved. Supported by the company’s philosophy and strengthened by a practiced Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) system, the campaign is building on existing values of EQOS Energie.

A football metaphor instead of a raised index finger

“The zero must stand!” This maxim by Huub Stevens has long become a dictum. The coach ordered his players to be disciplined and organised as well as to work hard and with that came the success.. “In a figurative sense, this also applies to our daily work”, said Eric Mendel, CEO of EQOS Energie, in explaining the campaign content. “Here, too, our success and safety on the job site is based on maintaining tactical order and discipline.. If rules and safety measures are lived and implemented unwaveringly, it is the best way to achieve economic success together without accidents.”


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