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EQOS Energie modernises about 300 kilometres of high-voltage line

4. November 2021
  • Exchange of the ground wires and conductors between the Wedel and Hamburg-West substations for Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH

Especially in metropolitan regions, a dependable power supply is indispensable. To safeguard such a reliable supply for end consumers in the Hanseatic city, a 12-kilometre line runs between the Wedel and Hamburg-West substations. However, since parts of this line are more than 50 years old by now, Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH ordered the modernisation of this line. This is the only way the line can meet the new network demands in the long term. EQOS Energie, one of the leading infrastructure service providers, was commissioned with the execution of this project.

In June of this year, the company began construction of a temporary structure in order to be able to start the wire rope hoist on time in September. This work is now already fully under way. The project will likely be completed in April 2022. Overall, a total of 300 kilometres of ground wire and conductors will be replaced in four 110-kV overhead line systems.

Organisation and implementation from a single source

EQOS Energie provides comprehensive support to Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH during the planned modernisation: Apart from the replacement work on the four systems and a fibre optics cable as well as the disassembly of two overhead cables, the infrastructure service provider is also strongly involved in the organisation of the project. The entire administration – from obtaining the required permits to coordination with the owners – rests with us and must be carefully coordinated due to the tight schedule,” says Mario Kraatz, head of the Germany North/East profit center in the Overhead Line Constructionbusiness field. To meet all these requirements yet also be able to adhere to all deadlines, about 50 EQOS Energie experts are deployed at the same time for some of the time.

Overhead line expertise in urban areas

“Our strength in this project clearly lies in our expertise in urban projects. For example, special precautions must be taken, which would not have been necessary for the modernisation of mast locations in open areas,” Kraatz added. Despite the comprehensive work, everyday life in these urban areas is to continue without disruptions. As a result, pedestrian tunnels must be constructed and potential additional crossings for roads and rail systems must be ensured. Power supply for the population will not be further restricted, despite the fact that two lines each must be switched off for the duration of the project.


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