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From trainee to manager

Interview with Jasmin, regional commercial manager in the Communication business unit

Jasmin has been working at EQOS Kommunikation since 2012. Immediately after her training as management assistant in office communication, she dared to take the next step on the career ladder. For the past three years, she has been responsible for purchasing at her location. Despite initial concerns, Jasmin accepted the challenge. Today, she is happy about her courage and proud of what she has achieved during this brief time period.

Jasmin, how would you describe your job and your daily work?

My responsibilities are very diverse. I purchase materials and subcontracting services, negotiate our terms and conditions with suppliers and manage our vehicle fleet, equipment, warehouse and inventory. When placing orders, our customer, quality and safety requirements must be taken into account, and I am happy to support our guys when they come to me with questions. Controlling at the Steinbach and Schwelm locations has also been part of my area of responsibilities for some time. When we settle the monthly accounts, I go over the individual projects with the project managers in order to check whether the calculations still hold up or what needs to be considered.

These subject areas involve a lot of responsibility. How come that you are working in an executive position at such a young age?

I started with an apprenticeship at EQOS Kommunikation. My training supervisor has always supported and mentored me. I was allowed to implement tasks that were of particular interest to me, and that enabled me to quickly assume responsibility. Shortly after my training, there were some changes within the team. I had to make a decision: Should I leave? Or should I stay and become the solely responsible operative purchaser? I seized the opportunity and have solely managed purchasing for Steinbach ever since. It wasn’t always easy but I grit my teeth and thought that I would manage it somehow.

I am young, why shouldn’t I try?

Where do you derive the motivation to face such new challenges?

My motivation is my willingness to try new things in order to grow. I am young, why shouldn’t I try? If I don’t succeed, I can quit anytime. Then it was just an experience. And if I have self-doubt, my colleagues will be there for me. Our great team gives me lots of energy and makes sure I persevere even during difficult phases. Furthermore, my colleague in Schwelm supports me whenever she can and is very helpful. The collaboration is lots of fun, even when we have a lot of work.

What advice do you have for young people who want to do an apprenticeship at EQOS Kommunikation?

For a traineeship in the commercial area, you should be able to communicate well with people. You shouldn’t be shy, and a bit of negotiation skills and assertiveness wouldn’t hurt either. However, the most important thing is to tackle new tasks with enthusiasm – that always helps. If you are interested and contribute, EQOS Kommunikation offers you many opportunities to achieve something in the company and to further your education. With commitment and motivation, all doors will be open to you here.