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Accounting is about so much more than numbers

Interview with Claudia (44), accounts receivables accountant in the shared service unit Accounting

It is not just in her daily work that Claudia proves that spontaneity and organisational talent are not mutually exclusive. Born in the Saarland and having lived in Saarlouis for 42 years, Claudia decided to move to Vienna. Thanks to her organisational talent, she had a good start and feels very comfortable in her adopted home. Since 2017, she has been working for EQOS Energie in accounting.

Claudia, after you enter the office in the morning, what does your typical work day look like?

In the morning, I always take care of bank accounting first, then I deal with the rest. If I plan certain tasks, the end of the day is sometimes very different. On some days, 20% of my to-do list are done in the afternoon while the remaining 80% consist of unexpected tasks that have arisen spontaneously. For example, if my colleagues need a piece of information from me, I take care of that first, because they are my internal customers. This requires flexibility on my part. However, tasks like the annual financial statements cannot be postponed. So it is important to be well-organised and to adhere to deadlines.

The collaboration works well, even if you aren’t sitting side by side.

Do you deal more with numbers or with coworkers in accounting?

This is pretty balanced. Payment statements, accounts payable, cost center and invoice verifications provide the numbers in my job. However, there are equally many issues for which we are in contact with our coworkers. We are primarily dealing with the project managers and project assistants in all locations. Many things are done via telephone or e-mail. The collaboration works well, even if you aren’t sitting side by side. Questions and verifications simply require that we talk to each other frequently. So, numbers and the personal exchange are closely connected.

How do you cooperate within the accounting department?

Our team cooperation works very well. As far as that is concerned, I have also had different experiences in other places. While each of us has a permanently assigned area of responsibilities, we also need to be proficient in other assignments. We substitute for each other during vacation times or whenever it is necessary. We get along great and everybody helps wherever they can when there is lots to do. Otherwise it would be pretty hard.

If you had to do it over again, would you choose the same profession, and if so, why?

Definitely. Even in school I knew that I wanted to work in a commercial profession. I enjoy working with numbers, I have a good grasp of mathematics and I am a very accurate person, which you have to be in this profession. It requires a lot of organisation and dependability. At the same time, my responsibilities are diverse. Due to legislative changes, it is important to stay up to date, so I keep learning new things and it never gets boring. I enjoy that a lot.