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Stable grid for the energy transformation EQOS Energie serves as project partner for expansion of the Linz-based Hütte Süd substation

6. december 2022

  • EQOS Energie installs primary and secondary technology at the new 220-/110-kV Hütte Süd substation
  • L’approvisionnement sécurisé de la région centrale de Haute-Autriche est garanti durablement
  • Work on power infrastructure poses a special challenge

Upper Austria and its central region in particular are considered Austria’s leading industrial area. About one-fourth of Austria’s industrial production is generated there. But also in other respects, this region is developing rapidly and expects a population growth of 16.5 percent by 2040. In order to meet the growing requirements for the power infrastructure in such a dynamic environment in light of the energy transformation, EQOS Energie will construct important elements of a new 220-/110-kV network support at the Linz-based Hütte Süd substation on behalf of Austrian Power Grid AG (APG).

The goal of this project with a commission volume in the higher one-digit millions is to ensure the sustained and secure power supply for the next decades, thereby also fundamentally safeguarding the area as a location for business and industry.

Energy transformation requires stable grids

“Stable grids are a prerequisite for being able to realise the energy transformation by increasingly incorporating electricity from renewable sources”, said Uwe Trampnau, managing director at EQOS Energie and in charge of the Energy Technology business unit. “The corresponding line and substation capacities are important elements of an efficient power infrastructure. Substations such as the new Hütte Süd are the connecting nodes for the various voltage levels of the transmission and distribution networks.”

For the expansion within the substation in Linz, EQOS Energie will build the primary and secondary technology under the project management of the Substations/HV Austria profit center. Parts from an existing system will be disassembled, temporary structures and subsequently the new building will be constructed and commissioned until the new substation’s expected completion by mid-2026. Furthermore, a 220-kV switchgear with the associated operating building and the required transformers will be newly constructed. EQOS Energie will be responsible for project components such as land clearing, temporary high-voltage structures, 220-kV line connections and compensation systems, the 110-kV connection of the transformers, auxiliary systems, calculations and planning documents, grounding and lightning protection systems.

Power supply in Upper Austria to be rendered fit for the future

Markus Mairhofer, head of the profit center in charge at EQOS Energie: “We are very pleased that we were able to gain the client’s trust with a high-quality offering. We convinced them with our colleagues’ expertise, which they have already been able to demonstrate multiple times. Particularly strict execution criteria apply to projects concerning critical infrastructure. Compliance with such criteria is only possible if the entire project team has the corresponding experience and specialised know-how.”

One special feature of the Hütte Süd project is that it is part of the partner project entitled “Sichere Stromversorgung Zentralraum Oberösterreich“ (Secure Power Supply for Upper Austria’s Central Region) of APG, Netz Oberösterreich GmbH and LINZ NETZ GmbH. As part of this project, the capacities of Austria’s transmission networks will be significantly increased, predominantly also to be able to simplify the use of renewable energies as part of the energy transformation in the future. “In order to avoid delays in the project as a whole, it is therefore particularly important to deliver partial and overall completions on time, which in turn requires very detailed scheduling. As one of the leading service providers in the field of complex network infrastructure, EQOS Energie is excellently positioned in this respect”, said Otto Reinberger, who jointly manages the profit center with Markus Mairhofer.

Photo: APG


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