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Het laatste nieuws van de EQOS Groep

We begeleiden vele boeiende projecten van onze klanten en delen die graag met u. Kijk nu in onze nieuwsrubriek om te weten komen welke projecten we gewonnen hebben of ander nieuws uit onze gelederen.


Smart Rail Connectivity Campus: EQOS Kommunikation on board for the development of digital research infrastructure for highly automated rail transport

Autonomous rail travel and expansion of high-performance mobile communications network along the test route between Annaberg-Buchholz and Schwarzenberg take centre stage EQOS Kommunikation impresses as a full-service provider for a... meer lezen »


Digitisation of port logistics: 5G infrastructure for container terminals

EQOS Kommunikation provides support during the construction of Deutsche Telekom’s largest campus network project Implementation during ongoing operations requires close coordination and strict safety regulations 5G infrastructure to automate container... meer lezen »


The challenge of grid stability: EQOS Energie upgrades Homburg substation

Upgrading ensures grid stability as a green energy enabler for the energy transformation EQOS is involved in project development at an early stage The work will be implemented in the... meer lezen »


ULTRANET: EQOS Energie implements innovative electricity highway for green energy

TransnetBW awards contract worth around EUR 9 million EQOS Energie convinced the client with a high-quality concept and reliable project handling Innovative electricity highway is a central element in the... meer lezen »


Stability and safety: EQOS Energie reinforces transmission network for the energy transformation

Replacement construction of a 380-kV line in the crucial north-south corridor New commission from network operator TenneT for EQOS Energie Facilitating an increase of renewable energies in the energy mix... meer lezen »


New overhead line installation vehicle for Railway Technology division of EQOS Energie

The vehicle combines maximum performance with the highest safety standards Used for installations, maintenance and servicing of catenary line systems Modern machinery ensures quality leadership in climate-friendly expansion of energy-related... meer lezen »


5G-standaard voor grote evenementen: EQOS Kommunikation installeert mobiele masten voor snel mobiel netwerk

Festivals en motorsportevenementen worden voorzien van high-performance netwerkcapaciteiten namens Vodafone EQOS Kommunikation zet zelfontwikkeld systeem invoor tijdelijke netwerkoplossingen Surfsnelheden tot één GBit/s mogelijk in het mobiele Vodafone-netwerk De evenementensector is... meer lezen »


EQOS Energie remodels substation in Villingen

Modernisation and upgrading of secondary technology needed Tight time window for the work is a special challenge Commission volume of about EUR 6 million Limited time corridors and challenging conditions... meer lezen »


Network infrastructure expansion in Rhineland-Palatinate: EQOS Energie helps shape the energy transformation

Participation in the new construction of the 110-/380-kV line between Metternich and Niederstedem Project is part of the German federal requirement plan for the expansion of transmission networks Voltage level... meer lezen »


Turnkey solution for the substation upgrade: Record commission for the Energy Technology division of EQOS Energie

New substation for Bischofsheim and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg network area Commission volume in the double-digit millions EQOS concept provides a boost in quality and enables flexible solutions The Substations/HV Germany South profit... meer lezen »