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Het laatste nieuws van de EQOS Groep

We begeleiden vele boeiende projecten van onze klanten en delen die graag met u. Kijk nu in onze nieuwsrubriek om te weten komen welke projecten we gewonnen hebben of ander nieuws uit onze gelederen.


EQOS Energie remodels substation in Villingen

Modernisation and upgrading of secondary technology needed Tight time window for the work is a special challenge Commission volume of about EUR 6 million Limited time corridors and challenging conditions... meer lezen »


Network infrastructure expansion in Rhineland-Palatinate: EQOS Energie helps shape the energy transformation

Participation in the new construction of the 110-/380-kV line between Metternich and Niederstedem Project is part of the German federal requirement plan for the expansion of transmission networks Voltage level... meer lezen »


Turnkey solution for the substation upgrade: Record commission for the Energy Technology division of EQOS Energie

New substation for Bischofsheim and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg network area Commission volume in the double-digit millions EQOS concept provides a boost in quality and enables flexible solutions The Substations/HV Germany South profit... meer lezen »


EQOS Energie strengthens supply certainty in Wiesbaden with substation modernisation

Bierstadt substation is being remodeled during ongoing operations Remodeling will provide higher network capacity and efficiency increase EQOS Energie convinced the client with a broad service spectrum and turnkey solutions... meer lezen »


Occupational safety: EQOS Energie attains “Level 4 Proactive” SCL certification

Company demonstrates second highest SCL occupational safety standard Certification was previously only awarded to two companies in the entire industry EQOS Energie obtains 3-year certification for safety culture in overhead... meer lezen »


Network infrastructure: EQOS Energie builds new high-voltage line for TenneT in Lower Saxony

Project strengthens the backbone of power supply in Germany | EQOS Energie’s concept is convincing both technically and economically | Large number of temporary installations and trades operating in parallel... meer lezen »


New light rail line in Düsseldorf: EQOS Energie does construction for climate-friendly mobility

In the future, the U81 will connect the airport with the existing light rail network EQOS Energie to provide delivery and fitting of the catenary line system Strengthening traffic infrastructure... meer lezen »


Stable grid for the energy transformation EQOS Energie serves as project partner for expansion of the Linz-based Hütte Süd substation

EQOS Energie installs primary and secondary technology at the new 220-/110-kV Hütte Süd substation L’approvisionnement sécurisé de la région centrale de Haute-Autriche est garanti durablement Work on power infrastructure poses... meer lezen »


Tauernmoos power plant: EQOS Energie develops green electricity for ÖBB

Start of planning for EQOS Energie’s work on the largest power plant project of the Austrian Federal Railways at the highest altitude Construction in high alpine terrain as a special... meer lezen »


Supply certainty: EQOS Energie remodels TenneT’s Landesbergen substation

Existing 220-kV system in Lower Saxony will be upgraded to state-of-the art technology Comprehensive renewal work during ongoing operations Supply certainty with sustainable energy guaranteed Efficient and dependable power grids... meer lezen »