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The challenge of grid stability: EQOS Energie upgrades Homburg substation

11. octobre 2023
  • Upgrading ensures grid stability as a green energy enabler for the energy transformation
  • EQOS is involved in project development at an early stage
  • The work will be implemented in the existing plant as a special challenge

Over the next few years, the energy transformation in Germany is to be significantly accelerated. One of the prerequisites: modern power grid infrastructure including highly performant substations. To come closer to this goal, EQOS Energie is upgrading such a plant in Homburg, Saarland, on behalf of distribution network operator Pfalzwerke Netz AG. The project is implemented by the Substations/HV Germany South profit center of EQOS Energie based in Pfungstadt.

Markus Klein, head of the profit center, explained the responsibilities of the EQOS Energie team: “The core of the project is the planning and electrical installation for 14 switchgears at the 110-kV voltage level. We will perform construction at an existing aging plant whose performance must be increased. The challenge in this project lies therefore less in planning sequences, i.e., the question of how the individual steps of the electrotechnical upgrade are to be executed. Rather, what we have to deal with is, simply put: How do we get the new into the old? After all, we are building the new elements of the plant in the existing system’s setting. That could be old foundations or existing cable ducts, for example.”

Extensive preparatory work required

This specific construction environment requires the preparation of extensive preliminary measures to enable the actual remodelling of the substation. This involves a number of measures such as upgrading field distributors or reinforcing conductors, i.e., the cables of an overhead line used to transport electricity as part of an electric line. All in all, this work accounts for a substantial part of the contract volume worth about EUR 3 million.

Energy transformation and grid stability

The need to upgrade the Homburg plant results from a higher performance need or increased flexibility requirements, also for regional and local power grids in light of a steadily growing share of renewable energies in the energy mix. The pace of development is remarkable: By 2030, the share of green electricity in electricity consumption is expected to rise from currently about 48 percent to at least 80 percent.

With the claim of actively shaping the energy transformation as a “Green Energy Enabler,” EQOS Energie uses its special know-how in energy technology to ensure grid stability and therefore a reliable and secure power supply. Uwe Trampnau, EQOS Energie Managing Director in charge of the project: “We were involved in the Homburg project at a very early stage, providing support and advice. We are pleased that the customer decided to tackle the challenge of this remodelling project, which just started and will last for about a year, together with us.”


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