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Digitisation of port logistics: 5G infrastructure for container terminals

9. novembre 2023
  • EQOS Kommunikation provides support during the construction of Deutsche Telekom’s largest campus network project
  • Implementation during ongoing operations requires close coordination and strict safety regulations
  • 5G infrastructure to automate container handling

On behalf of Deutsche Telekom, EQOS Kommunikation realises the 5G infrastructure in EUROGATE’s container terminals in Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. Deutsche Telekom’s own 5G industrial frequencies are currently being set up in the three port terminals of the leading shipping company-independent container terminal operator, which will cover a total area of 5.6 million square metres – the Bremerhaven terminal alone covers 2.9 million square metres. This makes the 5G coverage of the three EUROGATE terminals Deutsche Telekom’s largest campus network project to date.

Deutsche Telekom will equip each of the port terminals with a campus network. A public 5G network of Deutsche Telekom will supply employees, external service providers and customers, among others. The additional private 5G network is operated in the local 5G industry spectrum in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz range. Unlike Deutsche Telekom’s public 5G network, this involves 5G frequencies provided by the Federal Network Agency specifically for industry, which are also used for critical data traffic via exclusively guaranteed network resources. For example, it will be used to network handling equipment more closely with the control and process monitoring systems. As a result, EUROGATE will be able to utilise digital logistics applications even more securely and flexibly in the future.

High demands regarding occupational safety

As part of the project, a total of eight antenna systems will be integrated into the existing infrastructure. Among other things, EQOS Kommunikation will attach antennas to the existing light poles. In order to ensure comprehensive coverage in the container terminals in Bremerhaven, the team will also install a system on a building. The work, including commissioning, will be completed by spring 2024.

“This project is an important foundation for promoting technological expansion in port logistics. We are delighted to be able to support Deutsche Telekom and EUROGATE in this project,” said René Ihl, Managing Director of EQOS Kommunikation. He specifically sees the particular challenge of the project in carrying out the work during ongoing operations: “This means that very close coordination with the customer and the operator is necessary during the realisation phase, and strict safety regulations apply on site.” Mobile telecommunications technicians with many years of experience ensure efficient and safe implementation under these special conditions.

“The 5G coverage of EUROGATE’s container terminals is our largest campus network project to date. EUROGATE will be able to use the full potential of 5G to further optimise logistics processes and advance the digital transformation of the port terminals,” said Anja Cramer von Laue, Senior Project Manager 5G Campus Networks, Deutsche Telekom Technik. “For this major project, it is particularly important for us to have EQOS Kommunikation as a reliable service provider with decades of experience in the area of technical infrastructures with us.”

Efficiency and sustainability in port logistics

The 5G infrastructure not only enables seamless and fast communication but also creates the prerequisites for increased automation and digitisation of processes in the container terminals. In the future, this will enable both more economically efficient container handling and more sustainable operations overall by increasing energy efficiency.

Photo: Deutsche Telekom


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