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Technology can be so feminine!

Today, on International Women’s Day, we pay respect and appreciation to all female EQOS colleagues for what you plan, move, electrify, change and most importantly, how you transcend boundaries.

In our technology-driven industries, most women are still working in administrative jobs in 2023. But there is another way: Today we present female colleagues who have been proving themselves very successfully in typical male professions since their training and who are breaking down the traditional role model. They are multi-talented, because in addition to their jobs as project manager, construction manager, civil engineer and many more and some are also mothers and family managers. Meet five EQOS women who are dedicated to technology. See how they show their skills in technical professions every day on the construction site as well, taking on a lot of responsibility. We are proud of you and that you are part of the EQOS family! At the same time, we want to encourage young women to take up technical apprenticeships and wish for many more such great female colleagues in these professions. You make an important contribution to society, also to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.


Our female colleagues about their work

“I can compete just as well on the forklift truck as I can on the desk chair. It’s the mix that makes it.”

Rachel, Materials Management and Logistics Officer, loves the balance between the warehouse and the office.

“Bringing in new ideas and working together with many colleagues in an interdisciplinary way motivates me anew every morning.”

Carolin, Head of technical support, supports EQOS project teams in overhead line construction throughout Germany.

“Any site planning is a team effort – no planning means no execution, whether in building construction or mobile phone construction.”

Ines, Team Leader Planning, already has 31 years of experience as a civil engineer, 17 in communication technology, and describes planning as written thinking with method.

“I enjoy using my strengths to contribute to the successful implementation of the many pipeline construction projects together with the project team.”

Anna, construction manager, masters the challenges of the project business on site every day, together with project and site management.

“I like my job because it offers a lot of variety. No day is like the other and every project brings new challenges and tasks. Being able to follow the pre-planned processes on site is particularly exciting.”

Jaqueline, Project Manager/Purchaser, knows no boredom, as she is always learning more.

But of course, our thanks does not only apply to the female colleagues who are bucking the classic role models with their career choice: We would like to take this opportunity to thank all women, whether from the project business or the administration, for their commitment and daily dedication. It’s great to have you with us!

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