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EQOS Energie supports education at the Biberach headquarters

13. mai 2020
  • Lecture hall sponsorship agreed upon with Biberach University of Applied Sciences on the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary

EQOS Energie Deutschland GmbH and Biberach University of Applied Sciences will join forces for the next three years: Since the start of 2020 and for the first time in the company’s history, a lecture hall sponsorship will ensure that young academic talents become aware of the company. For 100 years, EQOS Energie has been specialising in service provision for powerful network infrastructures in electricity, telecommunications and traffic. Key issues that also play a role for the company are economic stability within the region of Upper Swabia and how the company handles an increasingly tight labour market. In light of this situation, EQOS Energie banks on raising awareness of its role as a potential employer early on in the effort of securing young talent.

Both partners enjoy only benefits from this partnership, which is transparent and independent in terms of content: The academic institution provides financial support for an optimal learning environment, while EQOS Energie secures professional training for excellent graduates who are needed by the company.

The University of Applied Sciences is only a 10-minute walk from the German EQOS Energie headquarters, so that students can get initial impressions of the company from their nearest environment based on this sponsorship. “Students can check early on to what extent their academic profile is a match and they can learn more about their potential first employer,” said Manuela Häußermann, head of the Human Resources shared service unit at EQOS Energie. Based on this cooperation, one lecture hall now bears the name “EQOS Energie”. A large-scale board in the room presents all areas of the company’s activity and contact information available for interested students. During the Corona pandemic the sponsorship is still in place without any changes – this way EQOS Energie does not only support the changed educational opportunities during the digital semester but also continues to position itself as an economically strong company.

Initial contacts for students while they are still at university

The University of Applied Sciences specialises in the areas of construction, energy, biotechnology and business administration and has about 2,500 students engaging in practice- and project-oriented fields of study. “Among the students, there are future civil engineers, architects and project managers directly on our doorstep, who are particularly interesting to us in terms of engineering in overhead line construction. In turn, we would like to be interesting to them during their curriculum,” Ralf Emmenlauer, head of the Engineering profit centre in the Construction de lignes aériennes business unit and co-initiator, said about the company’s motivation regarding the lecture hall sponsorship, which starts during the year of the company’s 100th corporate anniversary. corporate anniversary. “In light of demographic change, medium-sized companies must make a targeted investment in the training of young talents and secure technically qualified staff. This is the only way for us to attract interesting and highly qualified applicants in the future,” Manuela Häußermann added.


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