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EQOS Energie lights up Vienna

18. novembre 2018
  • Zahlreiche Wiener Straßen und Gassen erstrahlen in festlichem Glanz

Once again this year, EQOS Energie has equipped individual Vienna roads, streets and facades with Christmas lighting, which has become well-known even beyond the city limits of Vienna. For three weeks, on average, eight EQOS Energie employees have worked every night on installing Christmas balls, banners, ornaments and light chains. Overall, 17 Vienna roads, streets and facades were provided with their final Christmas touches this way. The best-known addresses are the Palais Quarter in the first Vienna district and Rotenturmstrasse, which received festive decorations from EQOS Energie for the sixth time in a row.

Overall, Rotenturmstrasse is decorated with seven oversized Christmas balls with a diameter of about four metres each. These constructs, with their weight around 200 kilogrammes each, were transported in four individual parts. “Based on their enormous circumference, we cannot deliver the balls in one piece but must assemble them on site,” said Christian Gritsch, project manager in charge at EQOS Energie. “Two parts each are assembled to form two hollow semi-spheres, which are then lifted up by a crane before being connected.”

Subsequently, the balls are fastened 10 metres above ground to a previously installed suspension device with the help of a hydraulic platform. From assembly to hanging of the finished ball, it takes the experienced team between two and three hours. Wiring is performed after installation.

The red-glowing balls are surrounded by 16 flags. The LED lights will transform the shopping street into a sea of red lights until 14 January 2019. To ensure that all elements will glow flawlessly, the lights are checked as early as October and repaired if necessary. The entire set of Christmas lighting consists of energy-efficient LED lights with more than 80 per-cent lower power consumption than conventional lights.


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