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EQOS Energie constructs 5G transmission mast in the Erzgebirge region

30. août 2019
  • Test track for autonomous rail traffic is supplied with 5G by Vodafone

On behalf of its client Vodafone, EQOS Energie set up a mobile lattice mast for the installation of its 5G network operation in Schlettau. The town in the Erzgebirge region is one of 50 locations that Vodafone will initially equip with the new mobile communications standard. he implementation of the 5G standard facilitates the use of the 24-kilometre railway line between Annaberg-Buchholz and Schwarzenberg for testing purposes regarding automated railway traffic. After the successful start of the 5G network expansion in Linz, Austria, the first 5G projects for EQOS Energie now follow in Germany. With the mast construction, the communications technology fitters of EQOS Energie gave the starting signal for this development.

Mobile steel lattice masts as a solution for timely and flexible 5G connection

The use of mobile steel lattice masts enables a particularly quick connection of the 5G mobile communications standard on site. “The great advantage of our mobile mast lies in its authorisation as a movable structure, which is why it is particularly suitable for this local pilot project,” said Eric Mendel, CEO of EQOS Energie. “This way we can enable our customer to implement his project without delays and to connect 5G communications in a timely manner.” Furthermore, mobile masts also facilitate the better implementation of conceptual modifications to the railway project when needed. Other advantages of the mobile construction design include the small footprint and quicker assembly. In addition, the construction of mobile masts requires relatively little foundation work and expenses while providing the same potential uses.

The 5G mobile communications standard as a step into a digital future

The 5G upgrade in Schlettau was primarily planned for real-time data transmission of the Bahncampus railway project. This will enable tests for autonomous train control under real-life conditions. The use of mobile steel lattice masts enables a particularly quick connection of the 5G mobile communications standard on site. However, the step to achieving nationwide coverage will take more time. Currently, there are already a total of 50 Vodafone 5G stations in various cities and rural regions. With the mobile transmission mast in the Erzgebirge region, the EQOS Energie communications technology experts are supporting the network expansion of the operator to 5G and are therefore significantly involved in the introduction of this key technology as a step into the digital future.


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