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Unique type of temporary solution for Deutsche Bahn

6. juni 2019

Replacement construction: EQOS Energie modernised 34 masts on about 70 kilometres of railway power lines

EQOS Energie has executed the construction of a new type of temporary solution between Neckarelz and Mannheim as part of a commission by DB Energie GmbH, the energy provider of Deutsche Bahn. The EQOS Energie experts planned and constructed this solution as part of an extension on approximately 70 kilometres of railway power lines. During this project, the engineering team developed this new temporary solution as a prototype. The solution was employed in October and November 2018 during construction work on the project “Railway Power Line Neckarelz Junction – Mannheim Junction”. Upon completion of the project, a significantly more efficient and technologically modernised partial railway power network will be available to Deutsche Bahn. Based on the modernisation, DB Energy is now well prepared for the future power supply requirements in railway traffic.

EQOS Energie Engineering developed novel industry prototype

At 81 square metres and a height of 20 metres, the technical construction of this temporary load solution is novel in the industry. An angular termination portal for a twin conductor bundle with the new temporary load solution was implemented without any termination. “We have a lot of expertise in the construction of prototypes. However, this prototype is unparalleled in the market. Implementation was done with regular standard provisional modules and a newly developed base construction. Torsion safety is ensured through statically calculated and executed reinforcements within the temporary solution”, said Karl-Heinz Hüsing, head of the Overhead Lines unit at EQOS Energie. “Due to the very tight field conditions, we have developed a customised prototype, which allows flexible use due to its special construction and makes the work significantly more efficient.”
The overall project includes not just the construction of the temporary solution but also the replacement construction of a total of 34 masts. The construction work ranged from construction of the temporary solutions, disassembly and foundation work to the erection of the towers and installation of the conductors and the earthing wire. Subsequently, the conductors were exchanged in five line sections. As a result, EQOS Energie had the overall responsibility for the modernisation of this partial line of the 110-kV railway power network segment of DB Energie.

Cutting-edge technology in harmony with nature

The construction area length of 70 kilometres represented a particular challenge during project execution. Based on this distance, the overhead line construction experts of EQOS Energie had to take into account various soil textures and nature conservation requirements for each of the 100-kV mast sites. One particular requirement involved embedding each mast seamlessly into the ground without jeopardising the ecological balance and the protection of various species. This way, DB Energie now benefits from cutting-edge technology in perfect harmony with nature.


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