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EQOS Energie makes the power grid more intelligent

8. november 2016

The company is supporting its customers in Germany and Austria with the transition to smart grids

08. November 2016 – EQOS Energie is complementing its service range in Germany and Austria and supporting its customers with the transition to smart metering, which is the basis for the creation of intelligent power networks, or so-called “smart grids”. Employees from the energy technology and communication technology departments are working together on the project and combining decades of experience from their respective branches. “We are well prepared for the future because of our business model and our industry expertise”, said Robert Schaetzke, Managing Director and Head of Communication Technology at EQOS Energie in Germany. “Our established know-how in the area of energy technology and the development of mobile and landline network sites is crucial here”, added Kurt Rader, Department Head for Energy Technology at EQOS Energie Austria.

In Austria, EQOS Energie is already constructing transformer stations in the Salzburg area and applying its core expertise in the field of energy technology. The company was awarded a contract there to carry out station renovation work for retrofitting a total of 3,600 transformer stations and preparing them for smart metering. EQOS Energie is delivering the electric distribution for power supply to the smart-meter components and installing the supplied system cabinets, data technology and directional radio systems. The work is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

However, to adjust power generation more flexibly to the needs of the end user, energy suppliers have to rethink things and upgrade their power grids for the future. EQOS Energie is the ideal partner here because of its many years of experience in the execution of large roll-out projects in all project phases. To enable widespread use of smart meters, it is essential to set up the network for the additional data transfer so the transfer can be smooth. But the efficient generation and supply of power in the system also play a crucial role.

The new technology also enables end users to have a detailed overview of their usage and the corresponding savings potential. The existing electricity meters will be replaced by electronic meters for this purpose. Communication with the respective power supplier occurs via wireless radio or landline. This allows the end user to have an exact overview of their energy use so they can take the appropriate conservation measures.


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