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EQOS Energie brings electricity from wind power to Burgenland households

18. juli 2018

Zurndorf substation to be remodeled and expanded

On behalf of Netz Burgenland, EQOS Energie will expand the Zurndorf substation. Among other things, five new 110-kV bays and a new operations building will be constructed, and the existing air-insulated switchgear will be expanded. While the substation is only six years old, the system requirements are changing constantly due to the construction of new wind power plants in the Burgenland region. For example, among other things, additional transformers were needed.

Kurt Rader, responsible for the Energy Technology business unit at EQOS Energie, said: “The refurbishment and expansion of the Zurndorf substation ensures that environmentally friendly power from the Burgenland wind turbines can be transported and utilised in the best possible manner. This is one of the largest individual projects in energy technology for EQOS Energie.”

At the Zurndorf substation, power from nearby wind parks, which is fed from 30-kV underground cables, is connected by step-up transformers to 110 kV. Wind power stations that are farther away are connected via 110-kV cables from other substations. The energy is fed into the maximum-voltage plant of the Austrian power grid, currently via three transformers and via four transformers after the project is completed. This ensures efficient transportation over long distances. The expansion will also be used to meet the requirements arising from the constantly growing energy needs and the increasing replacement of overhead lines with underground cables in the 20-kV distribution networks.

The construction measures started in May of this year. Currently, the preliminary work for constructing the new 110-kV air-insulated switchgear is under way. This involves constructing the foundations for the high-voltage switchgears, the new transformers and reactors. At the same time, a third operations building for the plant will also be constructed. This building is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in December, so that the company can start the required interior furnishing and the set-up of the 30-kV SF6 switchgear for Energie Burgenland Windkraft. Subsequently, a new 20-kV SF6 switchgear for the regional supply will also be set up in this building. Furthermore, the existing 15 bays of the 110-kV switchgear will be expanded by a third busbar, which ensures that the load is optimally divided and that there is high availability and supply reliability. The entire project will likely be concluded in the autumn of 2019.

After the modernisation of the Frauenkirchen substation during regular operations and an expansion of the 20-kV system at the Neusiedl substation, this is the third project that EQOS Energie is jointly implementing with Netz Burgenland. Peter Sinowatz, managing director of Netz Burgenland: “The Zurndorf substation is the largest and most powerful of its kind in the Burgenland region. With the expansion of the plant and EQOS Energie as our project partner, we ensure that the Burgenland residents are dependably supplied with clean ecological power, now and in the future.”


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