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Supply certainty for the Emsland region

1. octobre 2019
  • EQOS Energie was awarded the commission for the Werlte substation

Werlte in Lower Saxony’s Emsland region will get a substation. During this project, the Energy Technology business unit of EQOS will be the sole contractor responsible for all electrical fitting work. The client, Avacon Netz GmbH, has been a customer of EQOS Energie for years. What was key for the awarded commission was the company’s convincing combination of particularly experienced and well-trained fitters and the many years of good cooperation.

Avoidance of any additional lines

Previously, several high-voltage lines connected the district city of Cloppenburg and the municipalities of Lindern and Sögel with each other. A substation became necessary in order to connect the 110-kV lines. Based on the connection of the high-voltage lines via the new substation, a load flow management system and mains supply isolation will be possible in the future. This mains supply isolation is required in order to be able to exclude circuit overloads in the surrounding region. As a result, an expansion of the overhead lines can be avoided or postponed to a later date. Furthermore, a better power supply in the Emsland region and the neighbouring districts can be guaranteed.

Completely new construction of the substation

“One special feature of this project is that we will be simultaneously working on two additional Avacon substations in a radius of just 70 kilometres,” said Wladimir Haak, head of the profit centre in the Energy Technology business unit at EQOS Energie. “Some circuits are also dependent on the two other projects, which will require interaction of the three construction sites.” All necessary working steps will be planned and implemented over the course of one year by a project team of six, consisting of experienced fitters and project technicians. At the office, one planner, a project manager and the project assistants will take care of the project. Project support and implementation on site will be provided by the site manager as well as one primary and one secondary fitter. If needed, additional fitters will be added week by week. “We are planning to have the project completed within a year,” said Wladimir Haak. “We will even attempt to be a little faster.”

The project kick-off meeting took place in August 2019. After completion of the civil and structural engineering work and the steel construction, the tasks of EQOS Energie will start in August 2020. The required electrical work will be comprehensive. The substation will consist of two busbars, six line fields for the high-voltage lines and one coupling. EQOS Energie will set up the primary and secondary technology. Delivery of the high-voltage devices, control cabinets, stranding and piping will also be provided by EQOS Energie.


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