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New railway technology patent for EQOS Energie

29. janvier 2016
  • Patented automatic guidance system on the dynamometer car permits tolerance compensation and precision metering.

Linz, 29. January 2016 – For many years Austria has been internationally recognized as a leader in developing vehicles for railway construction. As the result of a long lasting development process, EQOS Energie Österreich has been awarded a new patent for its dynamometer car system in the railways technology sector. As Bernhard Schuller, Head of Sector, Railway Technology comments: « We designed a special pneumatically controlled automatic guidance system, which compensates for wheel flange and rail position tolerances that naturally occur when measurements are taken by metering systems mounted on rail vehicles. ».

Thanks to integrated ultrasound metering and a camera system contactless catenary wire metering and video recording can be conducted while the line is live. So disenabling the line, which is difficult due to operational reasons, is thus no longer absolutely necessary. The pressure-regulated pantograph mounted on the dynamometer car can also be used to meter catenary systems in various elevations.

« Used for construction site approvals and catenary system inventories, the dynamometer car enables flexible cost-effective deployment for surveying the vertical and lateral position of catenary wires », adds Gerd Hofer, Chief Executive Officer, EQOS Energie Österreich. The car run produces a seamless log of the catenary system, thus complying with all requirements for the approval of new or modernised systems.


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