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Mobile telecommunications for Austrian railway

8. mai 2018
  • EQOS Energie is responsible for infrastructure expansion in all of West and South Austria

Continuous mobile telecommunications reception on trains has long topped the passengers’ wish list. With today’s joint announcement of the Federal Austrian Railway (Österreichische Bundesbahnen – ÖBB) and the three Austrian mobile telecommunications operators, this wish has become reality on the Western Railway Line. This is also due to the strong commitment of EQOS Energie, who are responsible for expanding the communications technology of the mobile telecommunications network in West and South Austria as one of two general contractors. Starting immediately, travellers can benefit from a significantly improved mobile telecommunications connection along the Western Railway Line between Vienna and Salzburg – for both voice and data connections.

However, this is only the first milestone. EQOS Energie Austria was able to secure a commission and will therefore be responsible for the implementation in all of West and South Austria. Therefore, the communications technology experts – together with the construction managers, technicians, planners, engineers and several fitting teams – will erect many more mobile telecommunications sites in the years to come. In these locations, base stations of the three Austrian network operators will be subsequently installed. With the construction, implementation and networking of the operators, the work covers a broad area: Foundations will be built, fibre optics connections will be created, masts will be erected, antennas will be installed and housings will be designed. “In collaboration with the ÖBB infrastructure, we have designed our own coupling sets for this project,” said Eric Mendel, head of the Communications Technology business unit at EQOS Energie. “These special distributors are exactly matched to the customer’s requirements and ensure the smooth interconnection of all three mobile telecommunications operators.”

“With the expansion of mobile telecommunications along the most important routes, we are able to create a continuous, redundant fall-back level for the corporate railway communications network and a significant improvement of the communications offering for railway customers,” said Christian Sagmeister, head of the Railway Systems business division of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. “The expansion will be realised under operating conditions and is very demanding due to heavy route traffic and the many tunnel systems. Therefore, one key factor for the success of this comprehensive expansion is the selection of first-rate partners who provide innovative technologies with excellent quality. In this respect, we have only had good experience with EQOS Energie so far.”

In other countries, the Railway and Communications Technology business units also mutually benefit from the respective know-how. For example, during the construction, remodelling and commissioning of operating and mobile telecommunications sites, fitters from the Communications Technology business unit can use the tools of the Railway Technology business unit on this line. Furthermore, they are provided with valuable knowledge by their colleagues, which can be used for the benefit of the customer. Thanks to the digital railway supply, route obstructions or other changes can be quickly communicated.


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