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EQOS Energie plans and installs catenary lines for an environmentally sound tram depot

23. mai 2017
  • Verkehrsbetriebe STIB/MIVB Brüssel realisiert Depot Marconi im Rahmen des europäischen Tram Store 21 Projektes

Oostende, 23. May 2017 – On behalf of public transport operator STIB/MIVB Brussels, EQOS Energie is planning and installing the complete catenary lines of the Marconi tram depot. Overall, 3,000 metres will be installed as fixed catenary lines (so-called conductor rails) in the building and 3,000 metres as mobile catenary lines at the depot. To install the 6,000 metres of catenary line, the company erected a total of 75 masts. In order to complete the project on time by the end of November 2017, one team consisting of six fitters continuously works at the construction site.

In the future, the depot area will serve as parking space for 75 trams with a length of 32 metres each. In addition, maintenance for 13 trams can be run in parallel in the newly constructed workshop. The Marconi depot, which is part of the European Tram Store 21 project, is built with a strong focus on sustainability and environmentally sound construction. The international collaboration project is funded by the European Union and includes the cooperation of public transport operators in Brussels, Blackpool, Dijon and Rotterdam. Its objective is the promotion of urban sustainability while taking into account environmentally relevant aspects.

The tram depot helps to create new solutions for challenges during the construction of public infrastructure. Such depots usually consist of large halls in which a large number of trams are parked, cleaned and maintained or repaired. In this respect, it is of key importance for such depots to be constructed near urban areas and to be operational 24 hours a day. In addition, special attention must be paid to cause minimal environmental pollution and to conserve resources.


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