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Contract awarded: EQOS Energie renews the conductors of Elbe Intersection 2

25. mai 2018
  • TenneT TSO GmbH increases transmission performance based on additional conductors

On behalf of TenneT TSO GmbH, EQOS Energie will implement the change and integration of additional conductors of the Elbe Intersection 2. What is particularly special about this project are the two supporting masts with a height of 227 metres spanning a total of 1,200 metres with a sag of 80 metres. These are the highest high-voltage masts in Europe. The construction work on the 380-kV Dollern-Wilster line will begin in May 2018, starting with the right side of the system in the line direction of Hollern-Twielenfleth. A total of four masts run between Dollern and Wilster. The work is scheduled to conclude in May 2019.

The objective of this project is to increase the transmission performance by a factor of four. In addition, the existing earthing cable will be replaced by a fibre optics cable. “Due to the height of these masts, it is a particularly exciting task, even for our alpine climbers”, said Bernhard Mauracher, project manager in the Overhead Lines business unit at EQOS Energie. “In addition, one of the four masts can only be reached by boat, which means that you really have to make plans well in advance.”

The project is divided into two sections. Work will first be performed on the right side of the system. Here, the chains will be exchanged as well as the earthing cable, which will be replaced with a fibre optics cable and the integration of additional conductors. The aircraft warning spheres, dampers and radar markers will also be exchanged in the process. After the wire rope hoist and the rough installation, the old conductors were detensioned and removed. Subsequently, the conductors and fibre optics cables were fine-tuned and the field bundle spacers and aircraft warning spheres were mounted. In 2019, work will start on the second section with the left side of the system.

EQOS Energie have been active in Germany since 1920. With nearly 100 years of experience in the planning, construction, optimisation and maintenance of complex technical infrastructures, the company realised numerous projects in the area of overhead lines. The engineers and fitters employed by EQOS Energie work in an interdisciplinary fashion and across national borders. The scope of services covers all facilities and systems for generating, transmitting and applying electricity and data in the fields of Energy, Telecommunication, Railway and Buildings.


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