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Strengthening the Linz location and securing jobs in Energy Technology

15. May 2020

This crisis entails a lot of changes. Uwe Trampnau, new Managing Director of EQOS Energie Austria/Germany, and Manfred Perlinger, Commercial Manager of the Energy Technology business unit, talk about the current situation and the objectives of EQOS Energie.

How are you getting through this crisis?

Uwe Trampnau:EQOS Energie renders services in the critical infrastructure, which is how we secure the country’s energy supply. During this crisis, this is more important than ever. As a result, our order situation is very good and our employees’ jobs are secure. Even before the crisis, we were solidly positioned and our goal is continued growth.

Manfred Perlinger: We have planned to expand the service portfolio in Energy Technology in Linz, Vienna and Germany. Based on this measure, we will create 100 new jobs in 2020 alone. However, Linz is and will remain our largest location in Energy Technology.

Uwe Trampnau (left) and Manfred Perlinger (right). The photo was taken before the Corona crisis.

How will the Energy Technology segment continue in the Linz region?

Manfred Perlinger: As a full-service provider in energy technology, we perform all steps regarding the construction of substations or transmission and distribution networks and safeguard the reliable energy supply of entire regions. We intend to continue to grow in this segment and are well on our way, specifically in the areas of automation and high voltage. Last year, we attracted many new customers and completed beacon projects such as a complex transformer in the Burgenland region while ensuring the satisfaction of longstanding customers.

Uwe Trampnau: Specifically Linz as an industrial and business location offers a lot of market potential for Energy Technology and many exciting projects in this respect are being planned. It continues to be our goal to create sustained value in the region through innovative energy technology projects.

What can employees expect at EQOS Energie?

Manfred Perlinger: People who work for us will acquire a high degree of technical expertise based on sophisticated projects. It is this expert knowledge that our customers appreciate so much about our company. We are still very happy to receive job applications, even under the current circumstances.

Uwe Trampnau: We are constantly expanding new fields of work and are receiving many applications from people with great potential. But strong growth also entails responsibility towards the staff. For me, it is important to live an appreciative and modern corporate culture in which the employees and their supervisors can depend on each other.

What are you looking forward to in your work?

Uwe Trampnau: I am looking forward to the dialogue with our employees, who are responsible for the fact that EQOS Energie enjoys such a good reputation. I also look forward to the collaboration with Manfred Perlinger. We complement each other very well as far as our know-how is concerned. Born in Upper Austria, he knows the Linz region and Upper Austria inside out.

Manfred Perlinger: Everyone on the team is invited to contribute new ideas. Our doors are always open and I welcome our team’s suggestions.


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