New software MESPROVE for HF and OTDR measurement curves

21. August 2019
  • EQOS Energie launches a self-developed tool for the mobile industry

With MESPROVE, EQOS Energie engineers and technicians have developed their own software for the visualisation and quick analysis of important measurement data. With this software, HF and OTDR measurement curves can be simplified and processed in a clear-cut manner. One important benefit is the fully automated option to evaluate and control measurement curves directly on site at the construction site. This facilitates potentially required corrections to be implemented directly and avoids unnecessary and costly travel for repeat measurements. MESPROVE can be used with all common types of measuring devices with a single user interface.

Neuronal AI effectively supports measurement assessments

A neuronal AI module supports users in assessing their measurements. It is this function that specifically sets MESPROVE apart from other applications. In addition, a high degree of automation allows a time-efficient analysis of measurements. Useful features such as a quick view of measurement curves based on 3D representations, the clear-cut management of measurement curves in a directory tree and the simultaneous processing of measurement curves make this software an interesting tool. MESPROVE is suitable for companies in the mobile industry, which

  • Take OTDR measurements during FO installations and make patches;
  • Build WiFi hotspots or services;
  • Perform maintenance on radio and radar systems for which spectrum analysers are used; and
  • Execute projects with network analysers.

EQOS Energie offers the modules and plugins on a rental basis.


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