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Lord Mayor visits EQOS Energie in Biberach

26. April 2016

Norbert Zeidler, Lord Mayor of Biberach, is briefed on the business fields and the company’s economic development within the region

Foetz/Biberach, 25 April 2016 – EQOS Energie Deutschland GmbH has had the opportunity to meet Lord Mayor Norbert Zeidler in Biberach an der Riß. The reason of the visit was to gain a better insight into the company’s areas of activity and working methods. EQOS Energie has been active in Germany in the fields of communications technology, railway technology and energy technology, as well as overhead lines for almost a century. Hence the key themes, which also play a major role for EQOS Energie, were economic stability within the region and how the company is dealing with the shortage of skilled workers in specific areas of activity.

“We are already facing a shortage of skills specifically in the area of energy supply technology, but also in other technical sectors in many federal states, and in other areas too the first signs of bottlenecks are showing,” says Peter Pendt, Managing Director of EQOS Energie Deutschland. “For us, training in technical professions is essential for counteracting this trend.”

Alongside the classical apprenticeship, there is also the qualification of career changers. New generations of skilled specialists are trained at several levels. Technical knowhow and training on the ground are arranged directly by skilled staff in Biberach. Special training poles for overhead line fitters have been erected not far from the company’s head office in Germany. Regular training on these is provided to ensure compliance with the company’s strict requirements and occupational safety. After all necessary verifications have been completed, practical training is arranged on the construction site.
With an increase in personnel in Biberach of over 10 per cent as compared with last year, EQOS Energie is investing further in the region, around the important location of the German company in the group with Europe-wide operations. “It was very informative for me to see how the company is structured and how the individual business fields are set up,” says Norbert Zeidler. “I’m delighted that EQOS Energie is investing in technical training and hence also in the region’s future.”


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