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EQOS Energie renews 142 masts to improve network security

3. September 2018
  • Austrian Power Grid AG (APG for short) plans the disassembly and new construction of the 220-kV line between St. Peter and Ernsthofen

On behalf of APG, EQOS Energie is one of three service providers to execute the complete overhaul of the 220-kV line from the St. Peter substation to the Ernsthofen substation. A total of 420 masts cover the more than 110-kilometre distance. The work on the line to be renewed is divided into two stages. The first stage covers the route from the St. Peter substation to the Weibern district. The second stage connects directly to the first and runs all the way to the Ernsthofen substation. Based on subdividing the two construction stages into three construction sections each, the construction work can run in parallel and therefore at the same time. The construction section of EQOS Energie includes the disassembly of 143 and the assembly of 142 masts. The construction work started in the spring of 2018 and will likely conclude after two-and-a-half years in October 2020.

The project’s objective is to improve network security based on the complete overhaul of the line, which was originally built in 1941. Power supply for the residents will be safeguarded by provisional set-ups which will bridge the construction phase. Within its construction section, EQOS Energie will be responsible for all disassembly and new construction measures for the existing line. The new line is largely built in the same locations. “Due to the tight schedule, the disassembly and the construction of the new masts will predominantly be done by helicopter,” said Kurt Rader, head of the Energy Technology business unit. “This guarantees faster transport of the mast parts, which allows our fitters to implement the project more quickly.”

After the set-up of the construction site, during which more than 2,000 steel and 500 aluminium plates are used, the conductors must be disassembled. Subsequently, the majority of the masts is disassembled with the help of a helicopter and taken away. In residential areas, the existing masts are disassembled by car-mounted crane, cut up into smaller pieces and disposed of. To excavate the pits for the foundations of the new masts, the old foundations are first removed. Then the pile foundation is established and a subsequent tension test is implemented, followed by the construction of the foundation, the pre-assembly and the mast construction – storey by storey. Finally, about 540 kilometres of conductors will be fitted.

EQOS Energie has been active in Germany since 1920. With almost 100 years of experience in the planning, construction, optimisation and maintenance of complex technical infrastructures, the company has realised numerous projects in the area of energy technology. The engineers and fitters deployed by EQOS Energie work in an interdisciplinary manner and across national borders. As a result, the range of products and services covers any and all facilities and systems for the generation.


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