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EQOS Energie receives commission for the electrification of the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard

11. October 2018

Special expertise needed: From driven pile foundations and mast positioning to the fitting of 100 catenary line masts

EQOS Energie received a commission from ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG to comprehensively electrify the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard. Stadthafen. Over the course of two months from October to December 2018, EQOS Energie will implement the electrification of nine railway tracks or a total of 10 track kilometers. The Linz marshalling yard As a result, the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard will become completely accessible to environmentally friendly electric locomotives in the future. EQOS Energie will be responsible for the driven pile foundations and mast positioning on all tracks and for equipping them with a total of 100 catenary line masts. The project volume is about EUR 500,000. Decisive in the selection of EQOS Energie was the company’s combination of in-depth expert know-how and availability of special equipment required for the project work.

“We use a so-called caterpillar piling rig for the rail-bound generation of the driven pile foundations. During the subsequent mast positioning, we deploy a specialised crane vehicle that is also rail-bound. Overall, we will have 15 people work on the electrification of the rails every day while fully maintaining operations at the freight yard,” said Bernhard Schuller, head of the Railway Technology business field at EQOS Energie. “This requires perfect logistic planning on the one hand and seamless coordination with ÖBB-Infrastruktur on the other. This is the only way to execute the entire project with as few operational obstructions as possible for ÖBB,” Schuller added.

Resource-friendly use of driven pile foundations

EQOS Energie predominantly uses driven pile foundations instead of the conventional concrete counterparts. The benefit lies in their efficient deployment. In contrast to concrete foundations, which require lengthy processing, driven pile foundations can be used immediately for the subsequent working steps after being driven. This saves time and money. The steel piles are driven into the ground with great force, thereby forming the foundations into which the EQOS Energie experts immediately place the necessary catenary line masts. These piles provide the catenary line masts with a stable support, which is precisely what they need, given their length of 10 to 18 metres and weight from two to 10 tonnes. Once the catenary line masts are constructed, they represent the basis for all further working steps – all the way to the fully assembled 15-kV catenary line system required to drive the electric locomotives.

More efficient and environmentally friendly supply of goods for Linz as an industrial location

The Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard will be remodeled from 2019 to 2022. In addition to the electrification, ÖBB will also extend three tracks, construct one new track and convert all switches to be remotely controllable. In addition, a new security system will be built as well as an additional track at the so-called triangular junction to create a direct connection between the main Linz railway station and the Linz Stadthafen. “The remodeling and expansion of the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard eliminates the time-consuming change between electric and diesel locomotives and reduces shunting efforts. For the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard, this means an efficiency increase and also greater operational effectiveness. Especially in view of steadily increasing container handling at the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard, this environmentally friendly, security-promoting and noise-reducing measure is an important step in efficiently providing the industrial location of Linz with supplies,” said Hubert Hager, Head of the Redevelopment Division of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG.


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