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EQOS Energie provides assistance after wind damage to iced overhead lines

1. February 2019
  • Short-term deployment to restore the power supply for Salzburg Netz GmbH

EQOS Energie has taken on an unscheduled deployment to restore a 110-kV line. During the second week of January, there were power outages in Flachauwinkel in the Salzburg province within the distribution and transmission system of Salzburg Netz GmbH. Due to the excessive snowfall of the past weeks, low temperatures, and strong winds, many of the overhead lines and masts were covered in ice. Despite their extraordinary stability, two of the high-voltage masts in this line segment were no longer able to withstand these extreme weather conditions. One supporting mast gave way and also pulled down the top part of one of the tension masts. As infrastructure service provider, EQOS Energie promised immediate support and is providing preliminary repairs and emergency rods to ensure that the power supply is restored as quickly as possible.

Cancelled vacation for immediate aid

Following the inquiry, EQOS Energie immediately obtained an overview of the current situation together with the network operator. To be able to resume operations, the old wires will have to be removed first and a new system will need to be installed. Last Monday, initial clean-up activities already took place on site. A team of nine experts from EQOS Energie is working vigorously to fix the damage as quickly as possible. The parties involved in the project are confident that they will be able to successfully conclude the installation within just a few weeks. Some of the EQOS Energie fitters even cancelled their vacation for this unscheduled deployment. “Of course, we will support our customer in such exceptional situations when we are needed”, said Alfons Mattersberger, chief fitter at EQOS Energie in the Overhead Lines business unit. “If necessary, they will even return from their vacation early. We are very grateful for that.”

Extreme weather conditions as a special challenge

It is the work site in higher mountain regions as well as the ongoing difficult weather conditions that pose a special challenge during this project. As long as it is possible to continue the project labour, the fitters will work full force in wind and weather. However, safety has top priority for the EQOS Energie staff. Currently, the work site can only be reached by helicopter. Currently, the work site can only be reached by helicopter. In addition, a sudden weather change must always be expected. Within the shortest of time, the weather can turn so that the fitting work has to be stopped and postponed without delay. Currently, it is important to restore the power supply at least on a temporary basis. “It is very positive that EQOS Energie immediately promised their assistance and that the cooperation works so dependably even under more difficult conditions”, said Josef Strasser, project manager at Salzburg Netz GmbH. In summer, the work will start again to restore the original condition.


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