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Elite-class motorcycles presented in the right light

18. April 2018
  • EQOS Energie für Elektrische Gebäudeausstattung bei neuem KTM & Husqvarna Flagshipstore in Wels verantwortlich.

After the successful conclusion of the work on the Wels-based X-Bow-Center last year, EQOS Energie was once again able to land a commission from motorcycle expert KTM: In Wels, the company is currently constructing the largest KTM & Husqvarna flagship store in Europe, which is already the fifth in Austria. With this project to provide the electrical equipment for the building, the experts of EQOS Energie are in charge of the entire cabling, installation and commissioning of all electrical equipment. Apart from security technology, this also means that the technicians are responsible for ensuring that the “objects of desire” for many avid motorcycle enthusiasts can be presented in the right light.

For the flagship store, KTM relies on a design with lots of exposed concrete and an aluminium-glass construction for the facade, which requires close collaboration of all parties involved from the outset: The project manager and the fitters of EQOS Energie have been regularly on site since construction started in autumn of 2017, i.e. to install the hoses and pipes which would be subsequently used for cabling during the concrete pouring phase. Since March, the actual installation work has been kicked into high gear and the completion of construction is planned for summer while the opening is scheduled for autumn. In order to comply with this tight schedule, EQOS Energie is regularly present at the site with two to four employees. During peak times, such as right now, four to six fitters are deployed.

“One special challenge comes in the form of the enormously high demands in terms of quality and design during implementation with a simultaneously relatively short time period for handling. So we are all the more pleased that we are once again enjoying the trust of KTM for the construction of Europe’s largest flagship store,” said Kurt Rader, head of the Energy Technology business unit at EQOS Energie. The visual highlight of the new building is the roughly 30-metre glass showcase that presents motorcycles from the KTM and Husqvarna brands as well as factory bikes of the MotoGP class, which have already proved themselves at the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. To ensure that the motorcycles are ideally presented, the glass showcase will be illuminated from the top and the bottom by LED ribbons inserted flush into the exposed concrete. In addition, there will be lots of pendant lights and spotlights.

Overall, the construction work will involve 14 kilometres of cable, 9 kilometres of pipes and countless LED lights. Furthermore, alarm, fire detector and video surveillance systems provide the necessary security but also introduce additional complexity. To be able to conclude projects such as this one successfully and on time, precise and realistic implementation planning is key: In this respect, the experts of EQOS Energie can rely on many years of experience with demanding construction projects, which allows them to recognize and circumvent potential problems as early as during the planning stage.


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